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The Promise, Vol. 1
In a season of crisis, where young and old alike are attempting to find meaning and direction, a word of wisdom and direction comes forth to guide us:  "Every PROMISE, the greatest, the smallest, is risked if we do not protect it!"  Aaron and Tiffany have captured "the moment and sound" in this CD.  This compilation of music, word, and wisdom will touch every generation that is seeking to hear and know the way into the better portion that still lies ahead on their horizon!

1. Intro
2. Ready to Go
3. Do it Again
4. Have Your Way
5. Be Thou My Vision
6. Teach Us How to Pray
7. Finales and Futures
8. The Architect
9. Corridors
10. The Promise
11. Anatomy of Desperation
Warring Supernaturally
Heaven and Earth are beginning to touch! The sound that is being produced is shaking the enemy’s kingdom. This CD has the most incredible blend of four of the songs that God birthed through severe warfare times, as well as four new songs and spontaneous prophetic sounds. When you listen to this, you will feel like heaven is invading your spirit so you can walk in a victorious manner in the warfare around you.

1. Crying Out
2. Glorious (Live)
3. Breakthrough (Spont.)
4. Praises Rise Up (Spont.)
5. Supernaturally (Live)
6. By My God
7. The Lord's My Shepherd
8. The River Coming Down (Spont.)
9. Have Your Glory (Spont.)
10. The God of Glory Thundereth (Live)
11. There's a Rumbling in the Heavens (Live)
12. Be Like Jacob (Live)
13. In the Shadow (Live)
14. Pour it Out (Spont.)
15. Judah's Mane (Live)
16. Can These Dry Bones Live (Live)
17. Lazarus Come Forth (Live)
18. Yield to the Drawing (Spont.)
19. Judah Roars
The Darkness Turns

This CD includes the Hawaiians (who joined us at Starting the Year off Right 2010) and many powerful war songs you have been heard from the Glory of Zion International Worship Team.  Songs include The Restoration Song (You Are Not Alone), The JourneyHE KnowsPlanted By The Waters,Fill the Room, and more.

Listen to this CD and allow your faith to be stirred to see the darkness turn and the Glory of Lord fill your atmosphere.

1. Planted By the Waters
2. The Journey
3. He Knows
4. It's Time to Run
5. Fill the Room
6. Breath of God
7. Signal Fire
8. The Kingdom Advancing
9. Oli Makapukaua
10. Firesong
11. Whatcha Gonna Do Now
12. The Wedding Feast
13. Breathe
14. Transform
15. Restoration Song
Seeing Beyond

Never before have I heard blended songs of the three generations coming forward like these that have been captured on this CD. You will hear the release of heaven's spontaneous worship. Then you will hear songs that were developed. This CD will help you go beyond your last place. Isaac Pierce's song for all of the prodigals who cry I want to be"Clean!" is an amazing sound for an amazing time.

1. Let Go
2. Look Again
3. Ready to Go
4. Dance Dance Dance
5. Move it Move it
6. Sound is Rising
7. Teach Us How to Pray
8. Kingdom Come
9. Let the Rivers Rise
10. The Path of the Righteous
11. Speed the Spoil
12. Darkness to Light
13. Take My Mountain
14. Transform
15. Heaven's Wings
16. Clean
Letting Go

There is a sound in the throne room of Heaven that calls to us in the earth to let go and worship. One of our most difficult calls in life is to LET GO and LET GOD. LeAnn Squier has captured that sound of release. Letting Go a beautiful expression of freedom and joy. Imagine yourself floating through space or walking on water. We invite you to enter in, let your heart be exposed, let the thoughts of your mind be released, and let your hands be raised in surrender to the King of all kings.

1. Blackbird
2. Letting Go
3. Throne of Grace
4. Best of Everything
5. Run to You
6. The Pearl
7. It Might as Well Be Me
8. Ready to Fly
9. Captured My Heart
10. Expose Me
11. Walk in Favor
12. Wide
13. Don't Forget
14. Your Land Will Rejoice
15. One Magnificent Song
Descending into Triumph

True worshippers are those who worship in Spirit and in truth.  When we find this place in Him, we find reality. When we come to the end of a season, we must have a mentality of TRIUMPH

Descending in Triumph is profound! The music that the Glory of Zion International Worship Team has brought forth will give you new strength to move forward

1. Hear the Sound of Change
2. Return to Rest
3. Raise Your Song
4. The Sound of Change
5. Hannah's Song
6. Choice to Praise
7. You Say Go
8. Strike the Doorpost
9. I Will Sing
10. Through Our God
11. My Voice Will Be Heard
12. Clap Your Hands
13. Rain of Grace
14. Amazing Grace
Freed to Enter the Glory Realm

This CD by the Glory of Zion International Worship Team is a spontaneous expression of heaven and earth. The sounds and releases captured here represent the apostolic, prophetic stream we are moving in. This CD had no limitations as we wove together new songs, prophetic declarations, nighttime prayer watches, spontaneous releases and much more.

1. Intro
2. Great Grace
3. Jesus Free Us
4. The Best of Everything
5. Your Law
6. Beauty for Ashes
7. Your Blood
8. Rise Up You Worshippers
9. Song of the Ages
10. Heart of Momentum
11. Stand Strong
12. Deep Down
13. Dry Bones
14. Push to New Heights
15. One More Time
16. Called for This Moment
Contending for a New Beginning

Beginning with “The Swords will Contend” and ending with “Don’t Forget”, these 10 songs will stir your spirit and renew a zeal to war for the “new” the Lord has for you. Allow the sound and words on this recording to “Expose You” and separate yourself for the King as a “Spotless Bride”.  Then get ready to “Clap Your Hands” and shout “Yes I Will” as you “Run to the Shadow” of the fiery angels’ wings. By the time you are done, your spirit man will be shouting “Let Me Outta Here” so you can “Shift” and be “Ready to Fly”!  Allow this CD to propel you into your new beginning. 

1. The Swords Will Contend
2. Run to the Shadow
3. Expose Me
4. Spotless Bride
5. Ready to Fly
6. Shift
7. Yes I Will
8. Clap Your Hands
9. Let Me Outta Here
10. Don't Forget