A Regional Affiliate of Wagner Leadership Institute
Sponsored by Glory of Zion International Ministries
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Dear Friends,
Description: Chuck PierceWe want to invite you to be part of a unique training opportunity. We at Glory of Zion International have aligned with Wagner Leadership Institute to present The Issachar School: Understanding Times and Seasons.
Acts 17:24-26 says, “…He has predetermined our times and places…”
I have felt it very important with the changing world around us to develop a place for individuals to come and understand God’s times and how to walk in His perfect timing with favor and victory. The tribe of Issachar not only understood the times and seasons but “knew what Israel ought to do.” The Issachar School courses provide an opportunity to have your horizon line extended so you can gain wisdom for today and strategy for your future!


Chuck D. Pierce
Chancellor, The Issachar School
President, Glory of Zion International Ministries


Description: Robert HeidlerWelcome to the Issachar School! The Issachar School is a regional affiliate of Wagner Leadership Institute (WLI), an internationally recognized training institute with campuses in North America, Asia, Australia, & Europe. The goal of the Issachar School is not just to fill your mind with information. We want you to gain revelation of God's purposes and a prophetic sensitivity to His timing, along with the impartation of effective ministry skills. Through this approach, you can be equipped to fulfill your call and do exploits for God! (Daniel 11:32)
Our one to three-year courses of study earn  Issachar School Certificates of Completion and can also count toward WLI diplomas, including the Bachelor of Practical Ministry, Master of Practical Ministry, and Doctor of Practical Ministry.
If you have questions about the Issachar School that are not answered on this website, please send an email to issacharschool [at] gloryofzion [dot] org
For your convenience, all Issachar courses are available as Distance Learning by DVD or CD.  You can find the Issachar courses in the Glory of Zion Webstore by clicking on the following link: http://gloryofzion.org/webstore/scripts/prodList.asp?idCategory=22.

Dr. Robert Heidler
Dean, The Issachar School
Senior Pastor, Global Spheres Center

Enrollment is open to men and women from all cultures, races, and walks of life. No previous academic credentials are required.

Warning/Disclosure: Because of the non-academic nature of WLI and the Issachar School, there should be no expectation that WLI/Issachar School Training Units will be recognized for transfer or standing in a traditional academic institution. Since our educational paradigm is different from traditional seminaries and Bible schools, some ecclesiastical organizations may not recognize WLI/Issachar school diplomas as legitimate credentialing for ministry. Before enrolling in WLI, check with your ordaining body to be sure that your diploma will be accepted. For more information about WLI please contact:

Wagner Leadership Institute Central in Pasadena, CA