Prophecy Center

The KINGDOM FORCE INSTITUTE is a training school for Piercing, Positioning, Propelling and Thrusting the Kingdom Forward.  Located and communicated from the Global Spheres Center in Corinth, Texas, the Kingdom Force Institute (KFI) is modeled on Matthew 11:12: “And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force.”  In a world of great conflict, we must learn to overcome by becoming a violent, praising, worshipping people who know how to overthrow thrones of iniquity!

Understanding the Spirit Man Within You! The Lord created us as spirit, soul and body (1 Thess. 5:23). Many have an understanding of body and soul, but are not familiar with how the Lord created us as spiritual beings. In order for us to be revived, we need every aspect of our being revived. Therefore, our next Kingdom Force Institute class will focus on "Understanding the Spirit Man Within You!" Make plans to join Chuck Pierce, Venner Alston and Robert Heidler for a day of teaching that will not only provide insight on how you were created, but also how to come into agreement with Holy Spirit for empowering and revival.

Perception: How to See the Spirit of God! with Chuck Pierce, Barbie Breathitt, Robert Heidler, Venner Alston and Sheryl Price. Too often we are not aware of the presence of power of Holy Spirit in our lives. If you long for your senses to be quickened to the power and presence of Holy Spirit, allow this Kingdom Institute Force to help you perceive in new ways!

How to Shift Into A Kingdom Mindset! with Chuck D. Pierce, Robert Heidler and Peter Wagner. For us to advance in a season of change and turmoil, we must allow the Lord to develop a mindset within us that seeks first the Kingdom of God. However, if we are unable to change our thoughts and see the world from a different viewpoint, there can be no transformation "by the renewing of our mind."

Delivered to Worship! with Chuck D. Pierce, Robert & Linda Heidler, Peter & Doris Wagner, and John Eckhardt
Our inaugural class of the Kingdom Force Institute will liberate you to worship in a new way!  Receive incredible teaching and ministry that will help form your pathway of liberation and healing. 

The Days are Evil: How to Redeem the Time! with Chuck Pierce and Robert Heidler
This class offers incredible insight on how to not only break out of areas of captivity, but gain back what you thought was lost forever.  Learn how to redeem the time and enter into the fullness of God’s plan for your life today!

A Time To Prophesy: A School of the Prophets Weekend! with Chuck D. Pierce, Paul Wilbur, Robert Heidler, Barbara Wentroble and Dutch Sheets
This class will help activate your hearing in a new way so that you can release the heart and mind of God into the atmosphere around you. Learn how to understand and embrace redemptive prophecy, release the power of the prophetic decree, prosper through the word of wisdom.

All of our KFI classes are certified.If you would like to register your completion of a class, please CLICK HERE. You can also be certified as a 1st year graduate of the Kingdom Force Institute (KFI) when you complete 12 classes. (These 12 classes do not have to be completed in a 12 month period.) To graduate and receive your KFI certification, we will ask for a two page synopsis describing your learning process through the 12 classes.

Chuck D. Pierce