I Am Hovering to Cover

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Robyn Vincent
Date Given: September 24, 2022

Chuck Pierce – And I say to you, I am hovering to cover. I am hovering to cover for My people have felt uncovered and I am now hovering to cover you in a new way. And from that hovering a creative power is rising up. And from your covering, you will be protected to go out when I’m sending you in and out. So I say, I am hovering to cover you, but know this you must be undercover for a time. Because I will have an uprising. And from that uprising, you must rise up from undercover so you can hover over the enemy.

Robyn Vincent – With that, I just wanna say this because the Lord was showing me this. And when Chuck said cover, all I could see was covenant. All I could see was covenant. I could see covenant being revealed. I could see covenant unfolding. I could see covenant moving throughout the earth. And so I feel like the Lord is saying in this moment you will begin to see My covenant blessings My covenant manifestations breaking forth in this hour. It’s like the Lord is saying because you have come to the altar and because some of you came so far and came through ridiculous things that you had to go through to get here. The Lord says, because you were willing to wrestle with God you are going to find the covenant blessings that your heart has been searching for, that your heart has been longing for, that identity that you have been after that you have been striving for. The Lord says, the day of striving is over. It is over. Surely you have come to the altar and you have prevailed with God this day. So wear the covenant. Look for the covenant. See the covenant. As I fight the battle for you, in Jesus name.

Chuck Pierce – Now hear what Robyn is saying to us. I’m telling you, we are going to become a covenant people. We have no choice. That means we are operating. She already said it once today. In a divine exchange, we are doing it in these two services before your eyes. We are seeing a divine exchange. You will submit your spot to others. You will move back and then you will take another spot. I say to you, you are going to get creative in who I am because there is more in you than you are displaying sayeth the Lord. So I am going to start exchanging and I’m going to start bringing My gifts into the new alignment. And I say, be willing to submit your gift and be willing to submit to the anointing of the gift that is operating.

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