Prepare Me Storehouses for Harvest Nations Are Arising

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Judy Block, Linda Heidler, Lisa Lyons
Date Given: May 29, 2020

Linda Heidler – Lord we’d prophesied this is your time for the harvest of the nations. You have brought us to this point, you have created this moment in time for harvest. You have empowered us by Holy Spirit. You have sent your harvest angels, you’ve sent the finishing angels. Lord we prophecy this is your time for harvest. We call for the harvest of Israel. We call for a new falling of Holy Spirit. We call for anointed words that will pierce through the hearts so that say must we do to be saved? We call in the harvest of nations, we call it to begin with Israel on Pentecost.

Chuck Pierce – And the Lord says, prepare me a storehouse. Prepare me storehouses just as in Joseph’s day. Prepare me storehouses for I am getting my people ready to go over the wall and gather the grapes. I am even pulling my people into clusters to create new anointings throughout the Earth. Wherever you are, you are being realigned in your nation, you’re being realigned in the nations. The nations are my inheritance sayeth the Lord. And I say now, my focus is gathering the nations, who will worship? Who will move from Pentecost to the Feast of Tabernacles in this dispensation? Who will align with Israel? I say, Joe, Hugh and Charlotte, because you have lead nations in realigning with my nation of Israel. Blessings are upon you, you will withstand every war. I say to you now, ready your nation, ready your nation, ready your nation, for this Pentecost I am gathering fire in nations. I’m gathering the fire of nations together. Get ready, this is my global call. I say I’m extending my harvest call to nations. Be a harvest nation. Be a sheep nation. Decree your nation right now is coming into a place of alignment by Holy Spirit with the Spirit of God into, through the Son, into Father’s throne room. Decree your nation will gain access. That the government will hear the word of the Lord. Lord we decree it now, we decree it now. Harvest nations are arising.

Lisa Lyons – And I hear the Lord saying this harvest is not just about the territorial boundaries of nations but it’s about the nations that you carry in your bloodline. He says, even those of you who know me, some of you have nations that have never been harvested. You have gifts from your bloodline, you have a voice from your bloodline that has never been harvested. And the Lord says as I am moving in this time of harvest, I am harving the fullness of my harvest out of my people as I curiously brought you and brought bloodlines together and brought nations together. The Lord says this is the time for my harvest of those nations.

Judy Block – And I hear the Holy Spirit saying it’s time for you to call upon the angels of harvest. Angels that say, they have the… Sickle, the angels that have the sickle to carry out the thrusting into the earth and receiving the harvest. So call upon the angels of harvest in your nation, in the places that you live, in your towns, in your cities, in your villages. And say, angels of harvest come! Thrust in your sickle and reap this harvest that we have been believing for in Yeshua’s name.

Chuck Pierce – Now let’s do that, let’s stop right now wherever you are. Stop and cry out for the angelic host, Lord Sabaoth to send that host over your nation and to decree that harvest angels are surrounding your nation. Harvest angels are causing blowing on the harvest of your nation. Send the messages to God’s messengers within your nation. We receive the messengers to bring the messages of harvest into the nations.

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