The Acceleration of Time Is Now at Hand

Voices: Chuck Pierce
Date Given: October 29, 2023

Chuck Pierce – And I say to you, “I have moments of serenity for you this week.” You’ll know when I say, “Be still.” And you will know when I say, “Rise up.” I say, “This will be a week of walking in my Spirit and with my Spirit. And my Spirit will have you rest and my Spirit will have you war. Lean into my Spirit this week. For I will accelerate your walk, for you have been walking at one pace, but now you will accelerate quickly and then you will know how to turn quickly or stop quickly. I say, “The acceleration of my time now is at hand and I will put harvest moments in front of you. As you give, I will release,” sayeth the Lord. As you move forward, you will see your basket beginning to fill. I say “This is a time of acceleration, of movement, but it’s also an acceleration of infusion of my Spirit.” I say, “Ready yourself, for I am beginning to move you in a new way. Get ready. You will make a change and you will turn this week, when I say turn.” “For I am turning nations this week and I am causing nations to realize though they think they’re in control, my hand is moving across this earth and I am possessor of Heaven and Earth.” So I say to you, “Do not take on wars beyond your abilities. Do not take on wars beyond your assignments.” I say, “I have victory for my people, but my hand will bring the ultimate battle ending,” sayeth the Lord. “Stay in rank and stay in file this week. Stay in rank and stay in file. I will order the timing of your feet.” God is doing this beyond our understanding. The Lord says, “Get out of your brain and let this sound get into yourselves for you will need the sounds that are coming forth.” The Lord says, “I’m breaking you out of that vacuum that the enemies tried to put you in.” I saw one of those cellophane bags that so many are in and all the air and all of the, it’s, they’re compressed. The Lord said, “I’m cracking the seal on you this week.” I say, “Your failures have sealed things within you that need to be unsealed. Your prejudices have sealed things within you that need to be unsealed. Your expectations have sealed things in you that need to be unsealed. Your ways are not my ways and my Word will not return void,” sayeth the Lord. “For this week, I’m unsealing what you have sealed up. “

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