Your Faith Has Unlocked the Supernatural

Voices: Barbara Wentroble
Date Given: February 18, 2024

Barbara Wentroble – The Lord says, “This is the time that I’m unlocking your faith to reach a new level.” I say, “You believed me in days past, but I say, in this season, you’re going to see me do what you did not see done in the last season. For I say, your faith is going to reach into the unseen and cause a manifestation in the seen realm. I say, I’m pulling down that that I promised you so long ago.” The Lord said, “You’ve been faithful to me. You’ve been faithful in the good times, you’ve been faithful in the hard times. Now you watch the faithfulness of my Spirit as I come and cause that that’s been locked up in the heavens to come into the natural realm. I say your faith is unlocked. And now I say, you will see the miracles that I promised you so long ago. I say this is a season of the miraculous. So I say, “I’m unlocking your faith to believe me.” And I say, “What you have seen by the Spirit, you will now see in the natural in this new season.”

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