God made covenant with Israel first. Watch the video below to gain a greater understanding of why we support Israel as God's first nation.

A Message from Robert heidler

How We Are Involved With Israel

The israel Prayer Garden

The Israel Prayer Garden at Global Spheres Center in Corinth, Texas, is the centerpiece garden planted and maintained by Glory of Zion International Ministries. This two-acre garden is an expression of our identification with the nation of Israel and all that it means to the Body of Christ. Our hope is that those who visit can understand the concept of One New Man: Jew and Gentile joined in the love of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Glory of Zion Israel is an Apostolic Center located in Jerusalem, Israel and headed by Daniel and Amber Pierce, both of whom have a strong call to God’s chosen land. Daniel and Amber are a “Firstfruits” from Glory of Zion International that has been sown into God’s covenant land, Israel. Their faith and zeal for the Good News uniquely equip them to serve and bless the people of that region. In addition to serving in Israel, they travel internationally to stir hope, faith, and healing in the Body of Messiah. Daniel and Amber, along with their children, Lily, Elijah, and Charles, live in Jerusalem.

Martin and Norma Sarvis

Martin and Norma Sarvis are based in Israel and have been ministering there for many years. They send out a weekly prayer update over the current events and issues in Israel. This update also includes current revelation on that week’s Torah reading. More to come.


We send out updates from Israel including weekly prayer initiatives from Martin and Norma Sarvis about what is happening in Israel, as well as updates from Daniel and Amber Pierce over what is happening with the ministry center at GZI Israel. This is a separate subscription from the main GZI subscription.