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We Want to Know You!

The Word tells us to know who labors among us. Therefore, we want to know you! The Kingdom Harvest Alliance team has put together a video submission platform that allows you to answer questions through the camera on your phone, tablet, or computer. (If you don’t have a camera on your computer, you will have to use your smart phone or tablet). We are collecting these responses and beginning to share and feature some of them with the whole network! This will allow us to all to understand better what is happening beyond the boundaries of our own lives. If you are a part of KHA, you received an email to participate. If you are not part of KHA and would like to align, fill out the form at the bottom of this page!

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God's Remnant Will Arise!

By Chuck D. Pierce • March 6, 2022

Dear Aligned One,

We are so excited by what God is doing as He gathers us together for Kingdom Harvest Alliance and commissions us all new and fresh. It’s a key moment in history that we need to understand! We are moving forward as God’s Kingdom people and at all of these key moments there must be a new dimension of anointing, commissioning and breakthrough. We are becoming a part of this new move that the Lord is stirring up in the earth!

Why is God Drawing Us Together?
The Earth is bringing forth God’s harvest. The land and the REMNANT must work together! Kingdom Harvest Alliance is drawing together a new REMNANT. God is bringing us into what we are meant to be and look like as we advance into our harvest fields! Please watch the above message I recently recorded for Kingdom Harvest Alliance on the REMNANT so you can further understand what this is about.

An Update on Commissioning Certificates
Those who were commissioned at Starting the Year Off Right and on January 30th should be receiving your commissioning documents in the mail shortly. We have been overwhelmed by the response and are grateful that you have aligned with us. Allow these responses from others in KHA to encourage you as you receive your new and fresh commissioning.

“Blessings! Thank you for the wonderful surprise of receiving my certificate package already. Continuing to walk by faith and not by what is seen around us. Also really holding on to the word Chuck gave about cherishing freedom and grace. I have been declaring it and also sharing it with others.”

“Thank you! My heart is full and grateful for Glory of Zion and KHA. Praying and pressing forward by faith and the love of God is everything to our lives and ministry here in VA! It is so important to have a company of believers to co-labor and pray with and for as the Kingdom of God comes forth. Thank you thank you! My heart can only say that!”

Registration for commissionings at Passover is available now. If you have not been commissioned you can sign up for the Passover Commissioning at this link.

Again, it is our honor that you have chosen to align with the work that God is doing here at Glory of Zion International and Kingdom Harvest Alliance. We can’t continue to push forward in the way we are without your support. If you would like to give into KHA at this time, you can do so via our website at You can also mail your donation to PO Box 1601, Denton, TX 76202.

If there is anything we can help you with or answer for you in relation to Kingdom Harvest Alliance, you can send an email directly to

~ Chuck D. Pierce

The Kingdom Harvest Alliance

We have now entered a harvest season. Each Passover in this 10 year era should be a road sign of us maturing in our harvest mentality.  Now is the time to initiate and make available a new organism for alignment: The Kingdom Harvest Alliance. This alliance will function from Global Spheres Center out of Glory of Zion International Ministries.  This will be a new wineskin that includes each one of us developing a harvest mentality for the sphere and calling we have. All wineskins usually have a seven year viability.  This new wineskin will include us each developing a harvest mentality in our call and mission.  You may choose to join us in this new season or you may feel it’s time to align elsewhere.

A Kingdom Harvest Alliance Video Series

In this series, we want to highlight great examples of KINGDOM IMPACT – those who are influencing their spheres of authority and building storehouses for harvest. As we develop further, we will be reaching out to get your stories and testimonies of how YOU are impacting your spheres of authority. We will add Kingdom Impact features every few weeks so stay tuned.

What is Alignment?

Sometimes we need to reexamine some of the terminology we use. So let us look at “ALIGNMENT”. The dictionary defines alignment as an arrangement in a straight line or in correct/relative positions. Alignment is also defined as a position of agreement or alliance. This includes covenant and relationship.  Alignment can serve as a foundation that helps you properly adjust to grow and move efficiently in the field you are called to accomplish your mission. In battle, alignment is how you are relating to the troop around you – both in position and function.

God's Remnant Will Arise!

Recently, I shared again that God promised me His remnant would fully arise by 2026. However, we must remember that God has need of US to accomplish His purposes in the earth. Kingdom Harvest Alliance will help develop a structure that will help facilitate the development and deployment of God’s remnant for harvest. Some may ask – “but aren’t there other people and ministries doing similar things?” Of course, the answer to that is “absolutely!”  We are a Body with many parts and functions.  The foundation you align on helps you accomplish God’s assignment in days ahead. 

An Array Effective in Battle!

Kingdom Harvest Alliance will be a foundational organism that performs all of the functions and helps develop goals for sending you into your harvest field.  For example, earlier this year, we commissioned Dan & Janie Horst from Missouri. They have a church camp, but sensed they were to transition to a Kingdom camp. I affirmed their ministry call and sent them out as ministers for Kingdom purposes in taking their camp to the next level. We did the same for others at Passover and Pentecost.

As a remnant that is arising, we want to be an array that is effective in battle. This alliance can be a new foundational network that can help you make adjustments as you venture into your harvest field. The Kingdom Harvest Alliance is not a “covering” – but rather an organism to facilitate God’s remnant coming forth throughout the earth for the purpose of harvest!  As we stand on the right foundation, a covering forms over us for the harvest that is ripening. KHA can help you better relate to others in the army with regards to your giftings, callings, and needs. This will become a new foundation for you to stand on. 


When any new wineskin is coming forth, we must be careful to not try to fully define it while it is still being formed. This is true for Kingdom Harvest Alliance. However, I do know that we must have updated communication mechanisms and accurate data as we go further into this new era. We must know the army we are laboring with.

There will be new and changing things that arise in the forming of this alliance. We will learn and adjust as we go. Let us all have grace for what God wants to do in the days ahead.

More information on the Kingdom Harvest Alliance Questionnaire.

What are “the structures to reach into your spheres of influence for harvest?”
  1. Individual/Family: Kingdom Harvest Alliance is not just for ministers but for everyone – from the individual who plows their field in the home, to the executive who travels the globe and perhaps has a field to tend on the airplane. We ALL have a harvest field. If you know the Lord is calling you to lift your eyes and see the harvest that is ripening, KHA is for you.

  2. Ministry: A Ministry must have its own 501(c)3 tax exempt designation.  It may not operate as a subsidiary of another 501(c)3. A Ministry does not need its own building, it does not need to have regularly scheduled meetings and has no minimum membership.

  3. Apostolic Center: From The Apostolic Church Arising by Chuck D. Pierce and Robert Heidler, “An apostolic center is a beachhead for the gospel in a territory.  It’s a regional resource center established to provide everything necessary for churches in the region to grow and multiply.”

  4. House Church: These are intimate gatherings in a home where people come to honor the Lord and each other as a Church family. They are hosted by those who have a heart to advance the Kingdom of God and have aligned with the Apostolic and Prophetic leadership of Glory of Zion International. They are committed in their attendance, support, and giftings to the corporate call of Healing the Nations. This is how the early church began and this is how it will continue to be vibrant in the Spirit of the Lord. We see our Houses as key to the great HARVEST IN DAYS AHEAD!

  5. Church: A vison-oriented Assembly of people that is built together to gather, train, and equip believers to minister in their spheres of influence.  The Ecclesia is a government ruling force that develops core values around God, the Creator, who sent His Son to display the Father’s heart toward the world.  He gave His life, shed His blood, and offered us His Spirit to indwell in us so His presence would be developed in the whole Body of assembled saints.  These core values are established to withstand the Gates of Hell in the earth realm and to reign triumphantly in the community, region, state, nation and throughout the world. This group forms a storehouse for harvest.

  6. Prayer/Intercessory Assignments: This is if you are operating in an active group involved in prayer/intercessory assignments.  These assignments can be territorial or mission focused.

What are the different prophetic types?
  1. Nabi (Bubble Up) – “This is the general Hebrew word for ‘prophet.’  It is linked with the word ‘reveal,’ and it means one who proclaims, announces, declares or utters communications, or is a spokesman or a herald.  This word also implies a supernatural message that bubbles up or springs forth. Nabi is the word used in 1 Samuel 3:20: ‘And all Israel from Dan to Beersheba knew that Samuel had established a prophet of the LORD.’’

  2. Chozeh (Vision) – “This Hebrew word can be translated as a seer who is akin to a watchman.  According to the New Bible Dictionary, chozeh was most often mentioned in association with service to the reigning king.”

  3. Roeh (Seer) – “This Hebrew word means ‘seer.’  These prophets see the circumstances and gain revelation on how to move past them.  An example is found in 1 Samuel 9:9: ‘Come, let us go to the seer.’”

  4. Prophetes (Foretell) – “The Greek word signifies one who speaks for another, especially one who speaks for God. These are prophets who ‘forthtell,’ which means that they speak forth a living message from God for the hour… This is the kind of prophet mentioned in Matthew 2:5 who had written that the Savior would come out of the city of Bethlehem.”

  5. Nataph (Preach) – “The Hebrew word means to preach, to drop as dew from heaven, or to speak by (heavenly) inspiration. This type of prophesying is generally done from a pulpit or in a public place, or is a prophetic word given in the form of an exhortation.  The word ‘nataph’ is used in Ezekiel 21:2, Amos 7:16 and Micah 2:6.”

  6. Shamar (Watchman) – “This is another Hebrew word translated as ‘watchman’ … These prophets watched after God’s Word and had tremendous wisdom for walking through life… ‘Son of man, I have made you a watchman for the house of Israel; therefore hear a word form My mouth, and give them warning from Me’ (Ezekiel 3:17)”

*These excerpts are from The Spiritual Warfare Handbook by Chuck D. Pierce and Rebecca Wagner Systema.

How is this different from previous alignments?

Over the last several seasons, many of us have been aligned and co-labored together. Many of us have aligned our call and mission with Glory of Zion International, Global Spheres, Inc., and Global Spheres Center. Those alignments have been invaluable as we have pressed through the last 30 years. Those alignments are still very valid. But now is the time to initiate a NEW organism for alignment. KHA will be a new wineskin that includes each one of us developing a harvest mentality for the sphere and calling we have.

What’s next?

When any new wineskin is coming forth, we must be careful to not try to fully define it while it is still being formed. We are here to help you with your vision of how you will affect the sphere you are in and to gather the harvest of that sphere. We are in the process of developing a new system that will allow us to better connect and mobilize God’s remnant for harvest. We want to provide exclusive training and content for those who have aligned with KHA. From now until the end of the year, we are focusing on gathering information and developing our new communication system.

Make sure to check our website and subscribe to our emails for more information.


If you have further questions about Kingdom Harvest Alliance, please email us at

Aligning with Kingdom Harvest Alliance

It’s time to align together for harvest!  Below is the Kingdom Harvest Alliance questionnaire. You will need to fill this out and submit it to complete your alignment in KHA. Whether you are an individual, couple, or family, EACH person will need to fill out the questionnaire. Please use the same email address you used when updating your contact information. If you have questions about this form, please scroll up and view the additional resources section on this page.