Seeding into the Future


We are so grateful that you would choose to give into the work of this ministry.  There are many functions of Glory of Zion International. We operate both locally and across the globe in several different facets. Read the information below to gain a better understanding of the categories you can give into.

For Domestic Donations:

For International Donations:

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Other Ways to Give


Use our alternate PushPay page to give.


Text gloryofzion to
(833) 710-7111
to start the giving process.

Call Us

Call 940.382.7231 and give over the phone

Give by Mail

Send your gift to:
Glory of Zion
PO Box 1601
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What Are you Giving Into?


Glory of Zion International gathers across the world every week. Our local body gathers at the Global Spheres Center in Corinth, Texas while our family from across the globe connects via live stream.


God gave His best, His only son. Therefore, because of our gratitude for that gift, we are excited to give our best. Proverbs 3:9-10 says, “Honor the Lord with your possessions, and with the firstfruits of your increase; so your barns will be filled with plenty and your vats with new wine!” When we give a firstfruits to Him, we continue to move from blessing to blessing.


God came to Israel first to redeem and restore communion to Himself. They are His chosen people. As those (Gentiles) who have been grafted into God’s covenant, we are called to stand and give into His covenant land to be united in faith as “One New Man”. Your giving will help support multiple ministries called to the land of Israel and its people.

GZI Jerusalem Center

Glory of Zion Jerusalem considers God’s desire for the creation of one new man through the salvation of believers from both gentile and Jewish backgrounds to be foundational, both to this ministry and to seeking the restoration of God’s glory in Zion.

Kingdom Harvest Alliance

We have now entered a harvest season. Each Passover in this 10 year era should be a road sign of us maturing in our harvest mentality.  Now is the time to initiate and make available a new organism for alignment: The Kingdom Harvest Alliance. This alliance will function from Global Spheres Center out of Glory of Zion International Ministries.  This will be a new wineskin that includes each one of us developing a harvest mentality for the sphere and calling we have. 

Miracle Center

Stretch out your stakes! The Global Spheres Center is a miracle of restoration, but there’s still land to take. As we continue to expand our reach into the community, your giving is not only helping establish an Apostolic Center, but also creating new boundaries for further community development.

Israel Prayer Garden

The Israel Prayer Garden is a visual expression of our identification with and support of Israel. The Prayer Garden is constantly changing and evolving to reflect God’s expression of love for His people. Your giving supports this incredible expression of the nature of God.


We believe in freely gathering. Giving towards Conferences means you’re giving towards hosting the presence of God. We appreciate you helping us facilitate others.

Beulah Acres Center

Giving into Beulah Acres Center is like giving straight into the community. Whether it be baby showers, farmer’s markets, or holiday festivals, you’re helping provide a place for the community to gather. It’s church outside the four walls.

Chuck Pierce

Apostle Chuck is the point of the arrow that is launched from GZI. He maintains a rigorous travel schedule ministering all over the globe, and oversees a leadership team at home that helps reach millions of people.

Community Outreach

GZI has several community sports and local campus outreaches. We also host toy, food, and clothing drives during the holidays, as well as regional benefits and sponsorships throughout the year. Illuminate! Creative Arts Studio and Shiloh Fitness are two of our established in-house community outreach programs.


Life happens, but there’s always a way of escape. By giving, you are directly affecting the lives of those hit by disaster. We show mercy because we’ve all needed it.

Widows & Orphans

We enjoy helping the most vulnerable among us; that’s why we support our widows and orphans. Whether it be transportation, housing, medical, or any other need, your giving is helping secure their future.


We are constantly sending out teams to minister, and are so blessed to be a house full of good fruit! If you have a preferred minister you’d like to give into, you may make your designation here. Your seed is being sown throughout the world!