A New Move of God in Mexico!

A New Move of God in Mexico!

Dear Nation Changers:

What an incredible start to our meetings here in Mexico.  Bishop Bill Hamonand I are being hosted in Guadalajara by Apostle José Félix Coronel for COSECHA, an apostolic prophetic gathering to transform the nation.  Depending how they move this year is how their course will be set for the next 10 years.  The Spirit of God is saying, “I want to form a new testimony and redo the voice of Mexico.  I want to move with Glory across this land.  My hand is imparting a new strength.  Take your limits off of My power!  Do not limit Me based upon your past understanding, for I am going to start moving in a new way.  I am preparing to realign the apostolic sound of this nation from territory to territory to territory!”  I minister once more tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon.  Please join us in declaring that God’s sound will arise and align this city and nation for breakthrough.

Joining me on this assignment are Brian Kooiman, Gerado Ortega, Marty Cassady, and Burle & Peggy Bowling.

Find Your Place of Shabbat this Friday!

As Norma Sarvis shared on Sunday morning, observing Shabbat is a means of overcoming the enemy.  I believe the Lord is calling all of us to find our place of rest each day this week.  Often, we can realign our heart and mind by doing something outside of our usual routine.  This reflects a warring to enter God’s rest.  I want to encourage those of you in the Metroplex to visit the Israel Prayer Garden this Friday at 6 PM to spend time with the Lord at the close of the week.  Some of you may choose to bring an instrument to worship the Lord while others may come together to pray.  You may also choose to walk quietly and enjoy all that you see. The Lord will give assignments where to walk and pray … and not just in the Gardens at the Global Spheres Center.  Wherever you are located, determine to press into His place of rest!  And for those who would like to purchase wine for their Shabbat celebration in the Garden, The Barrel Room will have a selection of Israeli varietals in the new Arbor across from the Community Gardens.

Chuck D. Pierce

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