A New Thing is Happening! A New Era – Press Through!

Dear Advancing Ones:

This is a time when we are declaring you will press through! We are coming out of the Dire Straits and pressing through the narrow place! Yesterday’s Firstfruits Celebration for Av was a key ending and beginning time in the history of our lives, territories, and the nations of which we are a part. God is doing a new thing – do not miss this service!

Coming to Your “Beyond!”

Seasons of transition are times that many would prefer to avoid. In fact, because of the challenges of pressing through a difficult place, many people never move into all that God has for them. Yet it is transition that moves us from the wilderness into restoration. Because transition means crossing over to a new place or passing from one condition to another, we must travel through a “narrow place” as we venture through the process. The narrow place is where the paths we are used to walking suddenly becomes more confined and precarious—much like crossing over a deep ravine on a swinging bridge. During these confining times, we commonly find ourselves under the Lord’s scrutiny. But God always has a purpose and strategy for you to make it through. Let me summarize the narrow place of transition:

  • A time to move from WILDERNESS into RESTORATION
  • Where our path becomes confined and precarious
  • Where we are tested so He can trust us with a new level of STEWARDSHIP (Luke 18)
  • An “eye of the needle” type place … like where the camel’s load had to be totally removed so it could crawl through, into the walled city
  • The place of bringing forth the new
  • Where we must travail to press through
  • What brings us to our “BEYOND”

As we are coming out of the Dire Straits, I am declaring you are pressing into your BEYOND!

We are making incredible progress here at the Global Spheres Center. Although next Sunday (August 9) will still be webcast-only, we are hoping to record the service from the new Tabernacle to provide your first full glimpse of how we will worship and communicate coming out of the Dire Straits.


Chuck D. Pierce

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