A Special Prophetic Message from Apostle Chuck D. Pierce!

The Pot Begins to Boil on December 10! 

Key Prophetic Empowerment at 7 PM!

Dear Watching Ones:

This is a time we must carefully watch and interpret what the Lord is saying.  Several months ago, I had a clear vision of the Lord setting a pot on the stove on December 10.  I always take any vision, prophetic word or dream back to the Word of God to make sure I get a life-giving interpretation.  We must stay very focused to accurately process and pray through the revelation the Lord is showing us.  For tonight’s Prophetic Empowerment, I look forward to sharing the prophetic vision about the boiling pot.  This special service is more than just hearing a word – it will model how to process revelation using the whole Word of God.  I encourage you to join me online at 7 PM CST to gain insight on what the Lord is saying to you personally, corporately, generationally, and nationally.  I declare the Spirit of Wisdom, Revelation and Understanding will rest upon you in a new way.  Let’s watch for the performance of the Lord’s boiling pot!


Chuck D. Pierce

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