A Time to Pause: The Healer is Here!

Dear Pausing Ones:

The Lord is rearranging our time and space, and we need to submit in this rearrangement.  I am calling it a PAUSE… and we need to submit to it.  This will help all of us to develop new mindsets, new ways of operation, and new thinking processes.  Earlier today I was asked by a reporter if the Coronavirus was signaling the end of world.  The Lord does not want us to have a defeatist or fear mentality.  Rather, He wants us to triumph! In this year of the voice, we must be capable of discerning whether the voices we hearing are from the Lord’s direction or to create fear.  For instance, I listened to the U.S. Surgeon General on the news this morning.  I liked him and the way he was communicating.  Do I think that the enemy can use this for great opportunity to changes times and law?  Yes.  But remember, the Lord has a strong people in the earth realm. You are one of those!  I pray and decree that during this Passover season we will fully pass over!  God has put a PAUSE in place until He sees who is willing to cross over with Him through His blood at Passover.

The Healer is Here!

There are times when God stops us from moving and causes us to pause.  Why?  Because we need a HEALER!  As I shared yesterday morning during our Breakthrough Revelation service, the current issue is not about a plague or the Coronavirus.  Rather, it’s about God pausing us because we need a Healer and getting things in His order.  The enemy will work until we pause to allow the Healer to work.  I encourage you to hear this message – the Healer will reveal what you need and how to walk in this pause so the glory comes behind this mess and covers it. 

Here are several things I am suggesting for all of us in this time of allowing the Lord to reset our time and boundaries:

  1. Find a shabbat in your life. The Lord requires a shabbat from us to break the cycle of life that we have been in.  By Friday night, rest in some way so that you are restored.  Many times while ministering in Las Vegas, I have shared that the Lord will require a shabbat.  With the closing of casinos in that city, this is now happening.  God requires a shabbat if we are going to walk in health and healing.  No one understands this better than me who has violated shabbat at certain times. 
  2. Give an offering. The Lord honors and remembers when you give a portion of yourself to Him. We always want to give to someone more legitimate than ourselves. 
  3. Take communion. We always want to remember the power of Yeshua’s broken body and shed blood.  We are having corporate  communion at 6 PM in the Prayer Tower this week, and you are invited to join us onsite or online.
  4. Fast one day this week. Hear the Lord on how and when to fast this week. 


Chuck D. Pierce

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