A Time to Remember at Pearl Harbor! and Border Tour Video Recap

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Dear Advancing Ones:

Yesterday I visited the Walk of Remembrance at Pearl Harbor.  What an honor to be doing this so close to Memorial Day, remembering those who gave their lives to change the course of the world. The attack at Pearl Harbor was the catalyst that changed the course of many nations and stopped the advance of dark, evil, anti-Christ forces.  Pam and I knew we needed to begin our time in Hawaii by coming to Honolulu to decree a new level of protection for our nation.  This morning we fly on to Kona where I’ll begin ministering in three separate gatherings.  Please join me in declaring that the Islands and coastlands will awaken in a new way!  

Below is a portion of my upcoming schedule.  In addition to several international trips, Dutch Sheets and I are continuing to travel from region to region for our Time to Plow Tour.  I couldn’t advance without your prayers and support, and always look forward to connecting with you when I am in your territory.  Let’s press on from Passover to Pentecost and beyond!

May 16 (6 PM) Island Breeze Ministries, Kona HI  (808) 329-8111
May 18 (2 PM) Hawaiʻi Kuauli Festival, Kona HI  (808) 331-8265
May 19 (9:30 AM) Calvary Community Church, Kona HI  (808) 329-1440
June 5 – 6 Limitless Glory: A Pentecost Celebration, Jerusalem ISRAEL
June 9 (9 AM) Pentecost Celebration, Corinth TX  (940) 382-7231
June 10 (6 PM) Jubilee 2019, Philadelphia PA
June 13 (PM) – 14(AM) A Time to Plow! Tallahassee FL
June 20 (PM) A Time to Plow! Oxford MS
June 21(7:30 PM) – 22(9 AM) A Time to Plow! Baton Rouge LA
June 23 9 Reservations Prayer Journey! Rapid City SD
June 28 – 29 Addis Ababa, ETHIOPIA
July 2 – 3 Prepare the Way of the Lord 2019! Seoul KOREA
July 7 (9 AM) Firstfruits Celebration for Tamuz, Corinth TX
July 12 (AM) She Changers: Purposed for Impact! ***Corinth TX
July 12 (7 PM) Coastal Awakening Summit! Tampa FL  (Aaron)
July 13 (6:30 PM) Kissed by the Son: Revive and Reform! Northfield MA  (978) 417-1285
July 19 (PM) Activ8 Prophetic Conference!  Rochester NY (877) 469-3862
July 20 Aglow South Central Regional Conference, Dallas TX
July 22 (PM) Glory Train Launch at Faneuil Hall! Boston MA
July 24 – 25 Aposento Alto Cosecha! Guadalajara MEXICO
July 27 Chicago Worships 2019, Chicago IL
July 28 (AM) Zoe Life Ministries Intl, Chicago IL
Aug 2 (PM) – 4 The Movement, Corinth TX
Aug 4  (9 AM) Firstfruits Celebration for Av, Corinth TX
Aug 6 (PM) Time to Plow! Spokane WA
Aug 7 (PM) Time to Plow! Everett WA
Aug 8 – 9 Time to Plow! Anchorage AK

Border Tour Video Recap

I want to thank you once again for interceding for last week’s Border Tour.  That assignment was very demanding, and we could not have pressed through to the end without your prayers.  When Apostle Negiel Bigpond approached me with the need to worship along the border to address issues in the land, I knew our First Nations leadership would lead the way in revelation and sound.  The team the Lord brought together to secure His glory on the border was just amazing.  We now have a short compilation from city meetings and places we stopped to pray and make declarations.  Continue to stand and call forth the glory that will cover both sides of the border!

Chuck D. Pierce

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