Choose Your Wars Carefully!

Dear Choosing Ones:

In every generation, there is a group that has to choose to war for God’s covenant.  Judges 3:1-2 says, “These are the nations which the Lord left (in Canaan) that He might test Israel by them … this was only so the generations of the children of Israel might be taught to know war, at least those who had not formally known it.”  A covenant war always includes embracing the ROOT of the COVENANT and WARRING for the FRUIT of the COVENANT.   In our case, that root goes back to the land promised to Abraham, the Hebrew.  You do not have to be in Israel to be warring for God’s Kingdom plan, nor do you have to be in Israel to receive the same blessings that were offered to Abraham. However, you must know that you are connected to this land and people.  Abraham’s blessings included a territory or boundaries, multiplication, generational inheritance, wealth and provision, and a sphere of authority and rule.  Your wars are linked with the same blessings that Abraham was given by the Lord.

The year of Pey Gimel (83) will be an intense time of warring for divine recovery!  As we cross into a new year, we must choose our wars carefully.  When the King is in the battlefield, He can supply everything we need to overtake the enemy!  I hope you will join us on September 23-25 as we celebrate a new year with overcoming revelation for 5783 and beyond.  Onsite pre-registration continues through this Sunday, so I encourage you to sign up today and prepare for the opening up of your new supply routes.  I believe that three days will not be enough time to communicate everything the Lord is preparing us for, and so we will also have a week of online-only sessions to help us form our choices as a triumphant troop in the earth realm.

The War for Harvest!

Our New Year’s Celebration will begin on Friday, September 23, at 5 PM CDT with Kingdom Harvest Alliance (KHA) commissionings.  One of the choices in this harvest season is how we enforce Kingdom rule in our sphere of authority. We developed Kingdom Harvest Alliance as a new wineskin to help you demonstrate God’s Kingdom purpose in your field of influence. Whether you are an individual or lead others, KHA will help you manifest your Kingdom identity and receive a new anointing to see and secure the harvest that is multiplying around you. I hope many of you will choose to align with this arising remnant.


Chuck D. Pierce

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