Chuck Pierce: Go Beyond Your Emotions!

Dear Advancing Ones:

The Lord has been speaking to me this week about our emotions in this new era.  Although our emotions may be stirred and our minds full of anxious questions or disquieting scenarios, we canremain calm in the knowledge that God knows exactly how to shift things around us.  During tomorrow’s Celebration Service, I look forward to sharing keys to go beyond our emotions, as well as how not to react.  There are many Biblical examples we can learn from that reacted rather than waited on the Lord.  Join us at 9 AM CST when I minister on “A Time to Shift … Go Beyond Your Emotions!”

Open Your Eyes in the Garden!

Many times what we presently see limits our vision for what will be.  This video from the Israel Prayer Garden is a great example.  If we only receive a winter landscape, we forget the hidden changes that are occurring, and what awaits us.  I am declaring your roots are being nurtured and your eyes are being awakened to see how you will thrive in days ahead!

A Heart of Gratitude!

Many times we are not fully aware of the challenges that others contend with daily.  They may feel overwhelmed and totally spent, and yet the Lord knows exactly how to express His faithfulness.  Last week, two of our staff reached out to assist Gail with rebuilding her mailbox. Her note of thanks will go beyond in developing your heart of gratitude for the Lord’s goodness.

“I am overwhelmed by the goodness of the LORD. Jesus and Freddy not only rebuilt our mailbox, but were such a help in time of need!  The first day, they helped me transfer my husbandfrom wheelchair to bed. The next day, I came outside, nearly in tears, and said ‘I have a problem.’  Jesus said, ‘You don’t have a problem, you have a family.’ I was touched to my core. The two men came in when my husband was asleep in his wheelchair. The hospital bed with new rails that someone put on had malfunctioned, and I had no bed to put my husband in. I felt helpless, but there was my family taking the malfunctioned rails off and putting back on the original ones making a place for my husband.  I have told him many times:  I’m so thankful we are at GZI.  We miss our family terribly, but we know God has called us to pioneer and that He said He would use us in the days of revival. These will be our greatest days.

“The Lord spoke to me when we left California, ‘As you go out, I will bring them (our children/grandchildren) in’. And He is doing that now. Thank you for showing the goodness of God to so many.  We are so blessed by the example you all are at GZI.  Our kids are seeing it. We are excited to be part of the great awakening revival at GZI. THIS IS WHAT WE WERE MADE FOR. Shoulder to shoulder we stand!!  And He is putting us on His shoulders!!!  Then when I thought it couldn’t get any better…I went to my new mailbox and there was an unexpectedblessing check!  I am undone at His goodness!!!”

Blessings ,

Chuck D. Pierce

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