Day 12 – Desire Should be to Expect Blessings

As I have mentioned in the first few days, we are called to desire to prosper.  We are supposed to expect to prosper.  It is our promise, through the covenant that God established with Abraham for us to prosper, we need to desire and expect that God will make us prosper as long as we believe and trust in Him and have faith for Him to make us prosperous.  In the second chapter of A Time to Prosper Dad writes:

Desire was the part of the soul that was affected most when Eve ate the forbidden fruit.  Genesis 3:16 says, “To the woman [God] said: ‘I will greatly multiply your sorrow and your conception; in pain you shall bring forth children; your desire shall be for your husband, and he shall rule over you.’”  Woman’s soul was shifted at that moment.  In Hebrew, the word translated as “desire” means that there is a stretching out after something that you wish for, a longing for something that is deep and driving your emotions.

Desire means much more than merely longing for, asking for or demanding.  Our prayer life is developed through desire, and the whole of our personalities is wrapped up and dependent upon our desires being in submission.  Misplaced desires can easily become covetousness.  Also, a skewed desire can lead to envy and jealousy.  When the whole soul submits to a desire that is sinful, our lives shift and we miss the mark of God’s targeted plans for us.  Then the soul falls to lust (see Num. 11;4,6).  This creates an iniquitous pattern that affects all of society.  Desire can be stimulated by the will to get rich (see 1 Tim. 6:9).  The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. 

If desire is not submitted to the power of the Spirit of God, we go “haywire,” as they used to say in East Texas when I was growing up.  Haywire was used to keep the entire bale of grass together after haying.  However, if that wire came loose, then the whole bundle would go every way imaginable.  Desire is the function of the emotion that causes us to look forward.  Desire is also linked with the deep longing of an individual that can cause us to expect God to move on our behalf.  Unless desire is in check and submitted to God, our whole destiny can go in many directions and will never fully manifest during our lives.

Read and meditate on Psalm 37. We have to get to where our desires are in line with the desires that God has for our lives.  Don’t let the temptations and distractions that come up every day distract you from the prosperity that God has desired for you.  We need to submit the desires that we have to God in order to get them in line and submitted with His will for our lives.  We must also have faith that He will show us the steps we need to take in order to reach the desired prosperity that He has destined for us!

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