Day 15 – Cycles of Blessing

As I am sure that you have all noticed, God places cycles, not only in our lives personally, but also all through history.  That way we will have opportunities to draw on past experiences, so we don’t continue going through the same cycles that have caused us problems.  He desires to set cycles in our lives that cause us to come into a place of victory and prosperity and to move into His blessing.  In A Time to Prosper Robert Heidler writes:

God uses cycles to bring us into new levels of His blessing and provision.  An example of this is found in Joshua 6, where God instructed the Israelites to take the city of Jericho.  At Jericho, God put Israel into a cycle of victory.  As the Israelites walked in obedience around and around that city, God caused them to triumph over their enemy! 

God’s cycles usually begin with a word of revelation.  God says, “Do this!”  When you obey what God has said, you may not notice a great difference immediately.  But if you continue to walk in obedience, you will be led into a cycle.  Each time around that cycle, you’ll be just a little higher than you were before.  By the time you’ve gone through the cycle several times, you begin to see major changes! 

God wants to lock you into cycles of blessing – cycles of growth and increase.  God has a cycle of victory for you today.  God wants you to break out of Satan’s cycle of destruction and into God’s cycle of blessing

God puts cycles in our lives in order to keep us in the boundaries that He has established for us and to help move us into the blessings that He has planned for us.  When I think of a cycle one of the first things I think of is baseball.  In baseball, a cycle is where a batter hits for a single, double, triple, and home run all in the same game.  It is a rare thing for a batter to do, but when it is accomplished it is pretty amazing.  God desires for us to come into the cycle that He has planned for us and go from a single all the way to a home run!  Ask God to show you the cycle of success and prosperity that He has planned for your life and make the choice to follow that cycle until you break into the level of prosperity that God has destined for you! Read and Meditate on Psalm 103.

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