Day 9 – Being Destined for Prosperity

We are all destined to prosper!  That is part of the covenant that God established with Abraham (and that we are all still connected to)!  Many times, when we believe our destiny has been delayed, we tend to shrink back.  To me, it seems that Christians have more of an issue with “delayed destinies” than we do with dealing with demonic structures.  What are we scared of?  Is God just delaying us to see how we react?  If so, how are we going to deal with the test that He is putting us through to bring us into a place of prosperity?  Honestly, there is no better place to answer these questions than the story of David.

1 Samuel 16:12 says, “And the Lord said, ‘Arise, anoint him; for this is the one!’”  Now, keep in mind that David was just a young boy at this time.  He didn’t know what he was being destined for.  He didn’t know the legacy that God was planning to build through him.  He didn’t know any of that.  He did his job as a son for his father and he loved the Lord and that was enough for him, at that time.  But God had much more planned for him.  God had a reason for all of the trials and hardships that He sent David through.  He wanted His Son to come from someone from his family line.  If that isn’t prosperity then I don’t know what is!  Yes, he eventually became king and brought all the nation together, but in God’s eyes, that wasn’t His uptimate goal.  He planned to have His Son come from David’s lineage in order to restore what was lost from Adam and Eve after the fall.  We are all tied into the prosperity that God had planned for David because we are all tied into the restoration that Jesus brought when He sacrificed Himself on the cross to restore our lives.

Read 1 Samuel 16-18.  See how God orchestrated David’s life, in order to bring him into what He has planned for him.  David was not perfect by any means, but he had a heart for the Lord, unlike few others in the Word and was faithful and repentant and honored anything the Lord asked him to do.  Because of that, God established His lineage for Jesus to come from him.  That is an incredible story of prosperity!

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