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Dear Advancing Ones:

Many people are sharing their dreams at this time. Deep within us, God is unlocking our future through the revelation He is communicating in our dreams. I hope to do a dream interpretation seminar later this summer. There are three types of dreams that we find in the Bible.

1. A simple message dream. Joseph in Matthew 1-2 understood the dreams concerning Mary and Herod. There was really no need for interpretation; the dreams interpreted themselves.

2. The simple symbolic dream. Dreams can be filled with symbols. But when the symbolism is clear enough that the dreamer and others can understand it without any complicated interpretation … For instance, when Joseph had his dream in Genesis 37, he fully understood it as well as his brothers, to the point that they wanted to kill him. Even though it had symbols of the sun, moon and stars.

3. The complex symbolic dream. This third type of dream needs interpretative skill from someone who has unusual ability in the gift of interpretation or someone who knows how to seek God to find revelation. We find this in the life of Joseph in prison as well as when he interprets Pharaoh’s dream. In Daniel 2 and 4, we find good examples of this type of dream. In Daniel 8, we see a dream where Daniel actually had to seek divine interpretation.

I have two books that will help you understand dreams better, When God Speaks and The Spiritual Warfare Handbook (which contains When God Speaks in its entirety).  You can purchase either of these books for the discounted price of $8 (through July 17, 2020). 

Penny Jackson Shares Significant Dream

Penny Jackson, a dear friend of ours who is connected and commissioned from this ministry, recently shared this dream and as she did, the Spirit of God fell on me.  Seldom have I heard a dream more applicable than this one.

I was out driving for one of the first times since all of the confinements began. I live in Houston and was  looking for Memorial Drive. However, I took a wrong turn but still continued to enjoy the drive.  I started down a hill, hoping it might lead to Memorial Park or Drive. I was headed down a fairly steep, curving lane when a man came running out and yelled, “Mud!”  I saw immediately that I was headed into mud.

This man was older and was wearing a mask.  I turned my car to the right to get up out of the mud.  I then got out, and went up to where he was. I was so thankful to him. He was a nice old fellow. He offered me two $500 bills and asked if I would need them. I said, “No, I think I will be okay.” So he put them away. I said, “Well, maybe I better take one of those.”  Then he reached in his pocket and said, “Let’s see what I’ve got in here and what you get.”  I can’t remember what that bill was … maybe not as much … not sure.

His helper then appeared in the dream, and the setting seemed to be a mechanic shop. I saw that he had ginger ale on the shelf.  I said, “Oh, I see you like ginger ale, too.”  He said something I couldn’t quite hear. I asked what he said.  His worker responded, “They start off good but don’t stay good.”

I believe at the end of the dream, I saw my car slide forward into and be overcome by the mud.  Everything was in the car … purse, phone, etc.  I woke up planning what I would do in this crisis.

When I first heard this dream I thought about America.  I know that dreams have a personal connotation to each one of us, and I know that God gave Penny this dream to reveal things in her own life, but overall, I think this dream is for us corporately.  Mud in dreams mean things will change and get troublesome ahead.  Mud suggests that you are involved in a dirty conflict, stained with wine, involved in a messy situation, or stuck in a backslidden state of life where spiritual cleansing and repentance is needed.  

In the dream, notice that Penny was not in the mud, though her car eventually sank into leftover mud from a previous flood.  That is very significant.  Mud had gotten on her, but she had gotten out in time so the mud did not cover her.  The statement about the ginger ale (starting off good but not remaining good), is the same as the “mud” that is ahead. 

The vehicle that is currently propelling us forward in life will change.  We must be careful on taking any wrong turn in our lives in days ahead.  Even though things seem good, things are not going to turn out as good as we think.  However, there is a way of escape! You can find your footing ahead on solid ground if you do not hang onto the vehicle of your past.  Don’t let the MEMORIAL of your past be a hindrance to your future. In trying to hang on to certain memorial structures in our life, we could miss our future. 

Do not try to save everything that you have known in the past.  This could cause your past to become a detriment to your identity in the future.  I think of the last election and all of the mudslinging that occurred.  Lots of mud from the last election will try to overtake the next vehicle that will propel us forward this next election. Get ready. Don’t let the mud get on you. Take your opportunities for supply when they are given. Taste and see the Lord is good, but know that there are interesting times in days ahead.  But God!


Chuck D. Pierce

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