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Starting the Year Off Right!

Join Daniel & Amber Pierce and Venner Alston at 9 AM and 7 PM!

Dear Accelerating Ones:

What an incredible start to 2023!  The level of revelation and activation in each of our sessions is raising us to new dimensions of Kingdom authority — and we still have six more days to go!  I hope you once again will join us beginning at 9 AM when I share our next daily devotion on maintaining and recovering your spiritual life.  Today’s focus is on the discipline of prayer.  Then we will advance with a new sound of worship from the First Nations of the land, as well as Daniel and Amber Pierce’s incredible message on the war over your portion.  You will also want to join us at 7 PM for more worship and an apostolic mandate from Venner Alston, followed by a prophetic charge to Latinos from Pasqual and Norma Urrabazo and words to the nations.  Join us online and allow the Spirit of God to start your year off right!

Each day of this week-long virtual journey is very important.  If you are not able to join a livestream, each conference replay is available on GZI TV All AccessIf you are not an All Access subscriber, I encourage you to consider investing in this unique online treasury.  And if you are uncertain, we have a trial subscription to help you review this on-demand service that allows you to watch anytime, anywhere, from any device. 

A Perspective of the New Year!

During our New Year’s Eve service, the Spirit of the Lord was very present among us.  LeAnn Squier, one of our Judah leaders, heard a train coming down from heaven.  The dancers then interacted with the sound.  Emma Moore, a devoted servant in the ministry, sent me this observation that I wanted to share with all of you:

“Happy New Year! One thing about trains I’ve seen over the years is that they usually have two locomotives, one on each end of the train facing opposite directions. If the train stops and goes the opposite direction it is still moving forward. There is no backwards in a two-locomotive train. When I was a child, we pretended we were trains making sounds like a train whistle warning everyone to get off the tracks. So today we are the second locomotive behind the first locomotive-Holy Spirit who is leading us forward in the direction we are to go in this new year. When it seems like He has disconnected from us and we are going backwards – not so because we are positioned to keep going forward. Blow your whistle, move forward, plow down every wicked lying thought the enemy uses to stop you from being all you can be and do this new year.”

Another great visual I received to start my year was from Lisa Lyons, one of our prophetic seers. 

“Do you know the old saying… ‘Red sky at morning, sailor take warning’? … But what a gorgeous introduction to a tumultuous year!”


Chuck D. Pierce

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