Experiencing the Power of God’s Name!

Dear Advancing Ones:

When we study the Bible, it’s important to recognize that God’s names reveal His nature. They tell us what He is like and what we can expect from Him. God has revealed Himself by many names, and He wants you to know Him by each of His names and experience the reality of every part of His nature.  The more you understand His names, the more you can appreciate who He is.  Therefore, we want to understand the name that is above every name!  As Robert Heidler shared yesterday, the Hebrew word for salvation is YESHUA, and YESHUA (salvation) is what restores shalom.  In the Old Testament we see YESHUA is prefigured and promised, and in the New Testament we discover God’s YESHUA is a person, our Savior.  Only through His name can we be saved.  As we hallow His Name and allow His identity to become prominent in our lives, His presence comes and His power is released.  Be sure to watch our Celebration Service replay and enter into “Experiencing the Power of God’s Name!”

Go Through the Door of My Turn-Around Anointing!

As we saw in our “Rooftop Shabbat” Service, this is a time for going higher. As we choose to ascend in worship, we gain a higher perspective.  The Spirit of God is saying, This is a time that the locks you’ve put on your ascension will now break. Go through, go through that door that you’ve kept shut, for on the other side is perspective you’ve never had before! Quit looking at a line that you can see the end of! Go beyond and see beyond — into a place you’ve never seen before!”  Visit the Prophecy Center to see this complete prophetic release and begin to sing your song of advance! 

Go Through the Door of My Turn-Around Anointing!

A Call to be Whole!

Many of us are reaching the close of our 28-Day “Overcoming” Prayer Focus.  Although there are many conflicts ahead for each one of us, the Lord is bringing new strength to His people so we are restored and made whole again.  Many in the West tend to compartmentalize their lives into physical, mental and spiritual (or body, soul and spirit), but the proper Biblical worldview is one of a unified, whole person in whom these parts are not separate entities, but are interconnected.  God’s interest in sanctifying us is not limited to only the spiritual being of an individual, but He desires to see the whole person restored. I begin each day with the Lord so I can better understand His heart and mind.  As you develop your identity as an overcomer, I encourage you to continue your process of becoming whole – spirit, soul and body!


Chuck D. Pierce

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