“First” State Focus: Pennsylvania — Covenant Root of Our Nation!

On the Plane Again: From N. Ireland to England with the Winds of Change!

Dear Rooted Ones:

What an incredible start to Surrounding the Nation and securing our foundation for the future.  Since the war over covenant is so vital, I knew Pennsylvania was to be the first state we focused on to watch and war for this nation.  Pennsylvania is a seed for awakening and if we understand the model that’s been created there, then we can see an entire nation changed.  I invite you to join me online at 7 PM CST as we focus on the “Keystone State.”  If you know others in that territory, encourage them to join in as well. 

If the United States is to have a firm foundation again, we must review the incredible impact Pennsylvania had in our nation’s beginning.  John & Sheryl Price, Abby Abildness, Bob Walls, Chris Stark, and Julie Turck will be my special guests to develop a prophetic charge for Pennsylvania.  Pennsylvania is not only bringing forth the history of this nation, but the history of a nation for the future.  Let’s watch and war for this covenant root of our country. 

On the Plane Again: From N. Ireland to England with the Winds of Change!

Oh my – what an incredible meeting here in Belfast tonight with Kevin & Rose Sambrook!  Northern Ireland is on God’s radar and the sound of the remnant in this nation will help set the course of history. Through their voices, trade will be released in a new way and a new rule of justice will be set!  Join me in declaring this remnant will see clearly, and their voice will penetrate the atmosphere and be heard in the nations of the earth.

Tomorrow, Aaron and I fly on to England to join Trevor & Sharon Baker in Dudley.  Please continue to pray that our steps are ordered and anointed as we travel with the winds of change that are circling Great Britain.


Chuck D. Pierce

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