He Came to Demonstrate!

Key Prophecies: Walk to a New Beat! Come and Sit at My Table!

Dear Advancing Ones:

I never want us to take for granted that HE CAME!  Father gave the best He had, and Yeshua was determined to demonstrate and teach us what Father was like.  In all of Yeshua’s actions, He never did anything He did not see the Father doing.  As I shared yesterday, Father made each of us so unique that there is a portion of Him that can only be represented and demonstrated by you as you follow His directives.  When you come into alignment with Father’s will, you are doing what He would be doing in the earth realm.  If you could not join us yesterday for worship and ministry, I encourage you to watch the replay, walk to a new beat this week and be anointed to hear and heed Father’s instructions.

Key Prophecies: Walk to a New Beat!  Come and Sit at My Table!

“YOU WILL WALK BY THE BEAT OF A DIFFERENT DRUM THIS WEEK! Get ready, and don’t think your walk will walk in the same rhythm it did last week! You will walk by a different sound, and by a drum of a different beat! Find your drum and find your sound and follow it this week! Out-step the loss in your life! Out-step the poverty that’s trying to control you! Out-step last season’s sorrow! Out-step your pain by the sound of a different drum!  Walk past that fear that you believe will surprise you. You’ve been expecting fear, so walk by the sound of a different drum so you can surprise fear!

“I Am creating a new percussive company. As I form these new drums, know that the heads of the drums are the hides of your enemies. Every time you beat that drum, it is a testimony to the overcoming power I have placed within you!  You are moving to the sound created by the defeat of your enemies, for those drums are covered with their hides.  That which is creating your sound was a sacrifice you made. When you make your sacrifice, know your sound begins to accelerate! As you give this week, listen carefully for the sound that you created!”

Come and Sit at My Table!
“I Am setting a banqueting table for you in the presence of your enemies – those life-constricting spirits that are trying to steal your joy and My life within you.  I Am about to set a table! Agree with Me because we’re about to blow this thing up and out of the water and it’s going to be done at the table. It is time for the enemy to recognize that when you feast on Me, you’re feasting on supernatural things, things far beyond this realm.  Watch and see what is going to happen this Christmas.

“Come out of the kitchen and to the table — come and dine in the presence of your enemies.  Come to the table and know that I Am able.  Let Me pour the oil and the wine … it’s time for your anointing in the presence of your enemies.  There’s glory at My table – take a seat! There’s a cloud over My table – filled with revelation.  Take a seat and drink of Me because there’s glory at My table.  I have a seat for you – don’t strive to get it in it.   My table is big and decorated and has international flavor … and covenant flavor in it.  I’ve got your seat if you want it – but I’ll choose who you sit by.  Taste and see and drink of Me — taste and see that I Am good. I have a remnant rising up from every nation, and that is who I will seat at My table, and the enemy will feed you.  This is My table of covenant and holiness.

“Tell unworthiness to go — you belong at My table.  Take your cloak of rejection off — you belong at My table. Take your cloak of judgment off — you belong at My table. Take your cloak of self-pity off — you belong at My table. I am re-seating My people because I put the pot on the burner and I’m getting ready to see who is going to eat with Me. Take off that cloak of religion because My stew has none of it in it.”  (Chuck Pierce, Lisa Lyons, Robyn Vincent, LeAnn Squier, Malik Edwards, Michelle Hadley, Lauren Awbrey)


Chuck D. Pierce

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