He Will Be Who You Need Him to Be!

Don’t Scratch No Matter How Bad It Itches!

Dear Advancing Ones:

When we give our every praise to the Lord … when we choose to worship and adore Him, our atmosphere changes as He takes His rightful place. The King came into the “field” of yesterday’s Celebration Service and as we laid down everything, we encountered His presence in such an amazing way. I would encourage you to watch (or rewatch) the replay and declare the Lamb of God is worthy – freely giving Him all you are.

You will also want to listen to Robert Heidler’s teaching on “Knowing Jesus as the Great I AM!”  He has revealed Himself in many names, and desires that we “fill in the blank” for who we need Him to be. Draw close to Him and stand on His Word until you receive everything He has promised!

Don’t Scratch No Matter How Bad it Itches!

On Friday morning, the Spirit of God captured my attention by speaking a simple sentence: “Don’t scratch no matter how bad it itches!” In fact, He repeated this phrase three times, so I knew this was something to ponder. This Prophecy Center excerpt from yesterday’s service will help you meditate on what Holy Spirit is speaking to you as we press toward a new year. Allow Him to guide your steps so your expectations and actions are aligned with His plans.


Chuck D. Pierce

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