His Plan is Called REVIVAL!

“IN HIM” We Will Know How to Maneuver at THE GATE! 

Dear Advancing Ones:

God always preserves a remnant, and no matter how bad things appear, He has a plan. His plan is called REVIVAL!  As Robert Heidler taught from the reigns of Hezekiah to Josiah, God can take a land under judgment, turn it around, and use it to fulfill His purposes. This is not a time to be discouraged or lose heart, but a time to seek God for revival in your life, city and nation.  If you could not worship with us yesterday, I encourage you to watch the replay, claim God’s promises and declare revival is at hand!

Key Prophecies! “IN HIM” We Will Know How to Maneuver at THE GATE! 

When I first entered the Tabernacle yesterday, I could sense the Spirit of God stirring and had an even greater expectancy for all He would reveal.  The liberty we experienced in worship and prophetic release was just incredible and prepared us to move in a new way.  Here is a portion of what was released through this prophetic portal during our Celebration Service.  Display His name, receive fresh vision, and get low to maneuver at the gate!

“I will be doing a refurbishing of My name in you. I will be sandblasting; I will be polishing, and I will be preparing and adding lights to My name in you. Get ready; you WILL display My name and many will run to it.  I’m expanding the words on this gate that you are becoming.  My people know Me as one thing and I want them to know Me as multi-faceted. I want them to know many ways I can manifest in their lives. I want them to know how creative I AM, to expand and be what they need Me to be. Get ready. Not only am I polishing, and sandblasting, but I AM expanding your gate! 

“You will be able to stand and stand securely in days ahead.  I will enlighten you on who you are and who you are not.  Who you are in Me is engraved on the palm of My hand.  Now watch Me engrave and implant you in the rock of My name.” 

“I’m taking the cloud off your vision.  I’m enhancing your vision for you to see beyond and bring it here, into this earth-realm.  Do not be dismayed by what you see right now for I AM the God of the future.  You are to go in, extract, and pull out that holy vision of what I have already prepared and bring it here into this earth-realm.  Watch the vision of this earth begin to change.  Don’t be deceived. Enhanced vision and a new assignment don’t mean you have to necessarily labor or work for that. Labor from a position of rest; see from a position of rest. 

“Watch how creative I AM, to cause you to see. I am causing you to see and shine in a new way! Even in the darkness that begins to surround, you’ll be able to see, for I have laser-eyes that I am putting in My people. You’ll be able to see in a way you’ve not seen before.  You’ll see past that which has tried to cause you to be depressed. Know this, that depression will be ‘seen past’.”

“Get ready!  You’re not going over the fence — you’re going under the fence!  You’re going to have to ready yourself to go, but when I say ‘GO’, you must get low. Once you get low, you’ll go under and into your new place.  Don’t let the blockade in front of you bother you at all. Stand still, look at it, and know that at the right moment I already have your way under that blockade, so you’ll end up on the other side.”  (Chuck Pierce, Keith Pierce, Susan Shaulis, Darren Petersen)

“IN HIM” We Will Know How to Maneuver at THE GATE!  This video represents what I saw regarding going under the fence.  Ready yourself to go … you must get low! 

You Are a Secret Weapon for the Future! 

I look forward to partnering with Janice Swinney for this week’s Prophetic Empowerment. Join us online on Wednesday at 7 PM CST when we look at how the spiritual weapons formed within us will express themselves in new ways.  Let’s declare, “I am a secret weapon for the future!”


Chuck D. Pierce

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