Hong Kong Update: The Power to Change!

Dear Advancing Ones:

I’ve been privileged to come to Hong Kong since the late 1990s, but never has there been what was here tonight!  The power to change has come!  In this New Era of declaration, this trip to Asia has exceeded my expectations.  As we prophesy and prophesy again, we are seeing the Spirit of God bring incredible change from nation to nation to nation!

We have begun the journey back home, so please pray us in safely.  On these long flights, I have been reading the book of Acts, and encourage you to do the same through our “28 Days of Prayer” to activate a Kingdom-move of the Spirit!   We want to embrace the Spirit of the Lord so that what happened in the book of Acts will start manifesting in a greater form today.  Be sure to join the daily webcasts or watch the replays, to help unlock this power.

Chuck D. Pierce

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