I Am Shifting Times Around You!

Dear Shifting Ones:

When God spoke to me on October 11, 2018 about two years and four months of us wading through a swamp, I had no idea what we would go through. He did say in that prophetic word that it would be like civil war, which we have experienced to some degree. I had no idea that it would so coincide with the current election in America. Did that word mean that President Trump would be re-elected? No! The word meant that America would go into one of its deepest, nastiest times. However, yesterday I heard the Lord say: “I am shifting things around you!” Here is the full prophetic word:

“I Am changing shifts for you. You’ve been working in certain timeframes and you’ve been working in certain shift-structures. But this day, I Am changing your shift. Some of you who have been on the second shift will be on the first shift. Some of you who have been on the first shift will take midnights. I Am doing a repositioning work to get My people in right timing, and though the world has demanded a time, My timing will trump (triumph over) the world’s time.”

In Redeeming the Time, I shared about “The New Shift Produces a Rift!” I believe this excerpt will help you gain insight on this shifting season:

There comes a time when you leave a transition and shift into the new. No longer can you keep prophesying that the new will happen. There comes a time when the new happens. At that moment, our whole being must make a shift. We may have some difficulties shifting into a new season, so I feel we should define the word shift.

A shift is “a change of place, position, or direction.” A shift also includes an exchange or replacement of one thing for another. A shift is a change of gear so you can accelerate. A shift can also be an underhanded or deceitful scheme. Therefore, in our shift we must recognize that the enemy is plotting to stop it. A shift also entails a scheduled time.

Shaking occurs during a shift. Think of a fault line. A rift is the place of dividing. God has a time where division is necessary for His covenant to come forth in a new way. Jesus said it this way: “I came not to send peace, but a sword” (Matt. 10:34, kjv). Let’s just be sure that we in God’s kingdom do not use the sword on each other!

Change produces a shift but can also produce rifts in every area mentioned above, especially in relationships.

Waters of Change Produce a Shifting, Rift-cutting River

There comes a time when waters of change must rise. This produces a river. Rivers are powerful. Rivers flow! Sometimes they are torrential, sometimes smooth. In this season they will be more torrential than usual. I heard these words deep in my spirit: “Watch this winter!” Winter torrents sometimes come down with great suddenness and with desolating force. What the Lord seemed to be saying was: “Get ready for accelerated changes that will begin.” … Be prepared; this nation as we know it will no longer be the same. The Lord also said, “I have brought you into a season of the new wineskin. Tell My people to be prepared for structures to change. This nation [America] is a wineskin, and it will change.”

As I continued to stand on the rim [of the Grand Canyon] and view the magnificent display of God’s power and creation, I saw something. What I saw quickened in me and reminded me of what I saw in August 2007. It was then that the Lord began to show me a nation divided. He has continued to deal with me from an intercessory standpoint to get prepared for a great schism that is coming to this nation.

What we see in the natural will become spiritual. The Grand Canyon was probably formed when the Colorado River began to flow, and wow—the earth changed. The river cut through the earth, finding faults and opening up a schism that looks like nothing anyone has seen or may ever see again.

I heard the Lord say, “That is the type of river that is coming. This river will become torrential and devastating to some and refreshing and moving to others, bringing you to a new place of harvest. Whichever way you process, the changes will determine how you are prepared for the future. You can choose to be on either side of the rift, or you can get in the river and travel to your next destination in the midst of the changing course of a land at this time!”

The key issue to remember in this season is that the river will create rifts. The river of God is stirring the fish but also cutting a new path for them to come into their place of habitation for the future. That means that the church must change its structure and prepare for the river to run its course and bring a new supply of fish into our nets. Get your net mended and ready since times and seasons have changed. The Lord will fill our nets if we will creatively stand in the rising river and not fear.

We are at a key place of choice. Allow the Lord to shift your schedule so you are positioned to prosper in time and space.


Chuck D. Pierce

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