New Hampshire in Focus!

Dear Focused Ones:

The eyes of the nation are on New Hampshire with today’s presidential primary. I can’t think of a better time for Surrounding the Nation to focus on that state. There is a freedom cry in New Hampshire that must be heard clearly. I invite you to join me online tonight at 7 PM CST as we gather revelation to watch and war for the future of this nation. I am grateful to have John & Sheryl Price, Ann Savastano, and Annette Tuttle as my special guests to develop a prophetic charge for New Hampshire.

On Sunday morning, I heard the Spirit of the Lord say, Awakening can come to this nation! Do not get so caught in the political structure that you miss the awakening that I am bringing. I can awaken this land! I can awaken My people! I can cause My kingdom tribe to rise up and rule in every place there needs to be a rule.” Do not allow traditions or opinions to hinder you from your call to awakening. This is our time to watch after and war for New Hampshire so this nation responds to this Kingdom call. Invite your family and friends to join this state focus at 7 PM CST. If you are not able to join us tonight at 7 PM CST, the replay will be available on GZI TV All Access in the “Surrounding the Nation” section.

“Praying for a Nation” Begins Wednesday at 7 PM CST!

As I was flying home from Europe, I heard the Spirit of the Lord instruct me to stir up the war room again. This is a time we must align with God’s shift from heaven and pray with redemptive passion. Tomorrow (Wednesday) evening, I invite you to join us online at 7 PM CST for a time of warring for New Hampshire and the future of our nation. Join us in resurrecting the war room and loosing the cry of heaven!

The Winds of Change Are Blowing!
I am so grateful for all of your prayers as I ministered in Europe last week. There were incredible gatherings in Amsterdam, Belfast, and England. I taught on the winds and then prophesied to each area how the winds would be a sign of changes to verify what was spoken. Rose and Kevin Sambrook, our hosts in Northern Ireland, sent this update on Saturday as I was flying home:

“The NI Weather & Flood Advisory Service has issued the following warning: A deep area of low pressure that is now a named storm, named by the Met Office as Storm Isha, will move in to affect the majority of the UK & Ireland during Sunday and into Monday, it will continue to deepen on the approach and is likely to cause some significant impacts. Extreme high winds up to 95 mph and extremely rough sea conditions are expected…”

In Hebrew, Isha (the name of the storm) means “woman,” and in Sanskrit it means “ruling goddess.” Join me in declaring the ruling goddess is being blown away! With these winds, I hear the Spirit of God saying, “I Am in the whirlwind, and I Am going to suck up chaff that needs to be sucked up and deposit it where it needs to go. There will be a new sprouting forth of My people this hour.” Let’s continue to watch for and welcome the work of God’s whirlwind from nation to nation to nation.


Chuck D. Pierce

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