On To Korea!

Dear Declaring Ones:

After an amazing weekend and Firstfruits Celebration, I am off again and flying to Seoul for the HIM Korea Conference hosted by Apostle Che Áhn and Dr. Hong.  The nation is at a critical juncture, and 2020 will mark the 70th anniversary of the Korean War.  I have been asked to bring a pivotal word to the Korean people, so please pray for the release of Kingdom revelation and decrees that will break open God’s glory in the Korean peninsula.  Joining me are Chad Foxworth and John Mark Pierce.  After arriving tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon, I will minister that night and Wednesday morning before flying home Wednesday afternoon. During this “in and out” trip, please agree that we remain in God’s perfect timing, and SEE and DECREE what the Spirit of God is manifesting in Korea in 2020.

Starting the Year Off Right Replays … Now Available on All Access!

Later this week, we look forward to offering free daily replays from all our sessions on GZI TV.  This will allow you to watch (or re-watch) each session and be equipped to accelerate into this decade of declaration.

For those of you who are subscribed to All Access, you can already watch all of the sessions in their entirety.  This is one of the many reasons we developed this enhanced service – so you could access conferences, teachings, trainings and so much more … anytime, anywhere.  The cost for a month to month subscription is $9.99, or only $99.99 for an entire year.  We even have a free seven-day trial subscription if you are uncertain how this feature will enhance your life

Chuck D. Pierce

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