On to South Africa: A Season of New Beginnings!

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Dear Way-Makers:

This is a kairos season for the nation of South Africa.  Elections will be held on May 8 to select a new National Assembly and provincial legislatures. They will be the sixth elections held since the end of apartheid in 1994, and will determine who will become the next President of South Africa.  As the Spirit of God declared on Sunday morning, we are about to enter into more changes than we have ever experienced.  Therefore, I invite you to join me in crying out for the alignment of South Africa’s destiny for such a time as this!  We are presently on a long layover in London, and have one more night of flying before we arrive in SA and start our meetings.

On Thursday night, we will be in Durban for Pioneering a New Season!  This is the busiest port city in the nation, so agree for a divine transfer of revelation to overcome every force resisting a new Holy Spirit movement in South Africa.  On Friday evening and Saturday morning, I will be ministering in Pretoria at “Behold, I Will Do a New Thing!”  Pray for this national gathering to position South Africa for a new era of Kingdom glory.  We complete our time in Africa by traveling to Lusaka, Zambia where I will minister at two “Empowerment Services” on Sunday morning.  Our schedule is:

Thursday AM
Arrive in Durban

Thursday PM
Pioneering a New Season, Durban, SOUTH AFRICA 031 701 6211

Fri PM/Sat AM 
Behold, I Will Do a New Thing!  Pretoria, SOUTH AFRICA   012 845 8315

Sunday AM
Empowerment Services!  Lusaka, ZAMBIA  +260 977 846 660 / +260 977 577 011

Sunday (aft)
Depart Zambia to fly home

Monday (aft)
Arrive back in Texas

For the scope and intensity of this assignment, I knew a larger team would be necessary.  Joining me are Anne Tate, Chad Foxworth, James Vincent, John Pierce, John & Sheryl Price, Marty Cassady, Melinda Richardson, and Trisha Roselle. 

Seeds of the First Nations Blossoming!

Several years ago we sowed seeds from all the First Nations Tribes in America.  As you can see above, the First People’s wild flower seeds are NOW blossoming in the Garden.  Declare a breaking forth of their testimony in the nations!

Chuck D. Pierce

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