Pennsylvania in Focus! Surrounding the Nation … State by State!

A Restoration Update from England!

Dear Focused Ones:

What a great “first” state launch of Surrounding the Nation with our focus on Pennsylvania!  I am so grateful for all of you who joined to gain fresh revelation so we can watch after and war for Pennsylvania in a new way.  If the United States is to have a firm foundation again, we must review the incredible impact Pennsylvania had in our nation’s beginning.  If you missed last night or could not sign onto GZI TV due to a technical glitch, we are re-airing this Pennsylvania focus tonight at 7 PM CST.  We are developing a dynamic, online platform to share revelation from each state, and as you will hear tonight, we already have an update to add to what was shared by John & Sheryl Price, Abby Abildness, Bob Walls, Chris Stark, and Julie Turck.  Don’t miss tuning in tonight at 7:00, and then following along week by week as we pray from state to state with key leaders from each territory.

This focus on Pennsylvania and each new state will be found on GZI TV.  You will want to go to the “Surrounding the Nation” section regularly to view the latest updates, as well as the online platform.  Let’s continue to watch and war for the covenant root of our country. 

A Restoration Update from England!

What an incredible start to our gatherings here in Dudley, England, with Trevor & Sharon Baker!  I first came to Revival Fires 14 years ago because it had a revival anointing, and they have been faithful to see that identity mature and develop for the future.  Tonight was a time of restoration to go through the “door” of 2024.  The Spirit of the Lord is restoring the voice of His prophets through England: “I will restore My prophetic voice all through Great Britain, starting with England.  Because you are an apostolic nation, you will hear what the prophet says if you want to rule the way I want you to rule in days ahead.  You are on My radar!” This year sets the course for the next two generations.  Let’s declare God’s people in England will use their voice to unlock the events of their future. 

Tomorrow morning, I continue ministering to leaders here and then look forward to joining Steve & Jenny Watson in Burton-on-Trent for our final gathering on this whirlwind trip.  Declare that we will finish strong!


Chuck D. Pierce

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