120 Days and I Will Heal

Voices: Amman Beeftu, Chad Foxworth, Chuck Pierce, Keevy Phillips
Date Given: November 13, 2022

Amman Beeftu – I heard the Lord saying that people who have scar tissue buildups or calcification or anything that’s like hard growing in their body, that the Lord is going to put His hand on that this week and just do this. Just begin to dissolve it. So if you have scar tissue that’s built up and it won’t go away, the Lord is gonna put His hand on that and dissolve that.

Chuck Pierce – Now I want you to my foot, get down. Lay hands on me, wait, I’ve already prayed. You gotta go low. You gotta go low. Now do that. If that’s you, that was a word from of knowledge. He has no idea how bad this foot looks and nobody would know that. So if that is you and you have built up calcification and built up scar tissue, you need to lift your hands and let somebody around you begin to pray over you right now. And I mean, pray it break up, Break up, break up. Pray the Lord dig it out. We all have scars, but some scars become not what they should be and create irritation and pain. The Lord says, I’m tearing down and causing your scars not to be painful as I enter you into the future. The word of God says words go deep down in your belly and create scars. Decree right now those words are being softened where somebody says something so awful to you. I hear the Lord saying 120 days and I will heal, 120 days and I will heal.

Keevy Phillips – And I hear the Lord saying that in this 120 days that just prophesied, that I’m going to do unique healings. And they’re not just gonna be in the church, they’re gonna be at bars, they’re gonna be at concerts. They’re gonna be at casinos, they’re gonna be at cigar lounges, they’re gonna be at places where people, you would not expect the healing power of God to be at. But the Lord says the gift inside those musicians, I place it in there. And when I hit that chord inside their body, I will begin to heal. There’ll begin to be mass healings all across this land. So be prayerful as you move forward where you go and be an agent of change wherever He sends you this hour, says the Lord.

Chad Foxworth – The Lord is also saying in needs 120 days, when Tiffany was singing over us a sound mind, see how the Lord is using sound with us this morning. The Lord is saying that in these next 120 days, decree over yourself every day that you have a sound mind. So when He sends you into these bars and into these places, you’re gonna have the sound mind to hear what the Lord is telling you to do when it is time to heal somebody, amen.

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