A Blood Battle Is Brewing

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Keevy Phillips, LeAnn Squier
Date Given: January 2, 2023

Keevy Phillips – And the Lord would say to you, “You feel this tugging in your heart, and you feel this uncontentment in your spirit because I’m after your blood,” says the Spirit of the Lord. The Lord says that “I am coming for My blood that’s inside of you and there is a blood battle brewing in this hour, but I have already overcome,” says the Lord. “You are feeling this disquietness and discomfort because I’m the one that’s sending it to stir up My blood that’s inside of you. I will have the blood of the humble reign through My people this hour. I will come to be the blood avenger that I am,” says the Spirit of the Lord. “The contentment and the strife you are feeling, I am sending to war against the evil that’s inside of you, to bring forth the good that I desire you to be. There is a blood war and I’m the one who will win,” says the Spirit of the Lord.

LeAnn Squier – And I’m just seeing a bunch of gates that we have to pass through. You know, what God calls us to is not easy, it’s not simple, it’s possible, but we just have to continue to take the next step. And it’s like those gates that try to stop you and say, no, you didn’t make the cut this time, or no, you know, you’ve been found wanting so you’re stuck here now. And I’m telling you, those gates are demonic. Those gates are not representing the voice of God. And it’s like we’ve got to learn to be a people who pass on through, that we know the word, we know the blood, we know the righteousness and the breastplate of righteousness. We know the heart and mind of God and we can just say, “Sorry, that price has already been paid, and I’m coming through in this gate.” Yeah, I’m continuing my journey, because that price has already been paid. Yes, God has already done that for me. So I’m going on, I’m pressing on through, and I just see that the enemy is trying to nullify. So in this hour, be one of those who just keeps going. Just keeps going and answer, answer with the Word.

Chuck Pierce – See, when you put these two exhortations together, what Keevy was saying about the blood, and what LeAnn’s saying, that same thing is how our blood flows through us. It has to go through gates, all through your body. And if you get something wrong in your liver that infects it or blocks the flow through your kidneys of your blood, we have trouble in the whole body. And the Lord is saying, I’m going to give opportunities at the beginning of of this year through Passover for the blood to clear things out, to go through gates that have been blocked, to open up ways that have tried to shut down. I’m going to do it in your physical body. I’m going to invigorate you into places that you’ve never been invigorated. See, that’s what happens when our mind gets fuzzy. The blood isn’t flowing through our thought processes right. This is how strongholds work. We decree the gates of our body are being opened up by the Spirit of God.

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