A Call of Love to the Middle East

Voices: Anne Tate, Keevy Phillips
Date Given: September 26, 2021

Anne Tate – There’s a word for the Middle East in that sound And the Lord says that I’m gonna adjust your message. I’m gonna encompass the Middle Eastern countries with your love and with My love. And that you’re going to see salvations accelerated in the Middle East.

Keevy Phillips – Lord we say, let the Cedars of Lebanon begin to shake with Your Holy Spirit. Father we say, let the oil in Saudi Arabia begin to be pushed out, in the name of Jesus there is a love, there is a passion for the Middle East coming up to Americans again, There’s a love and a passion coming up again for those Muslims who don’t know Jesus as their Lord and savior. Father, we cry out on behalf of Esau. Father we cry out on behalf of Ishmael. Father, we say, let them come back home to the God of Abraham. Father, let them come back home. Father, we say, shake the Middle East with your sound.

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