A Divine Meeting Will Unlock Your Future

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Keevy Phillips, Lisa Lyons
Date Given: June 11, 2023

Lisa Lyons – Speaking in the Spirit

Keevy Phillips – And the Lord says this is the week where I come to meet you to cause you to drop your pot. And the Lord says that, as I experienced you experienced Me, I am causing you to let go of things. So you can see that riches I have in your field. Lord says, I am causing you to drop it, and drop it like it’s hot, says the spirit of the Lord. For the Lord says, I have a need of your gift. I have a need of your resources, and I am going to supply your need, so you can meet others’ need. I say drop the pot this week. I say, drop your pot this week, so I can pour you out like a drink offering says the spirit of the Lord.

Chuck Pierce – Actually the sentence, that one sentence that tongue said, you can keep holding onto your pot or you can exchange it for the key that is necessary to unlock your treasure. Now that comes from John chapter four, where the Lord shows up with the Samaritan woman, and times his meeting very carefully to the second. And in that, that means to us there is some divine meeting on your path this week that you need to be very aware of when it happens. And then once he began to He had to clear religion out of the way. He had to send his disciples away. Because, first of all, he was crossing over into beyond the prejudice of the Jews.

You’re gonna have to get past your prejudice. Now, I don’t usually do this on a tongues message, but this one is important. You’re gonna have to get past your prejudice to have the meeting you need to meet this week. So, whatever prejudice you’ve got and you’re hanging on to, you better lay it down if you wanna meet the Lord in the way he wants to meet you this week. And then, you’re gonna have to be willing to understand where He’s coming from over your life and be willing to know that He is not bogged over what you’ve done in the past. That just does not worry Him at all. Because what He’s going to tell you in this meeting has to do with your future. And once He told that woman what God was saying to her, all of a sudden she dropped her pot. Now she had to carry that pot at a time when others were not at the well, because they didn’t want to be around her. And all of a sudden she dropped that pot and she said, “I ain’t doing this anymore.”

I have already met somebody on my path today that is telling me I got something better ahead and I might not understand it, but I’m gonna go tell everybody that what is ahead is better than what I’ve been hanging on to. And then in this tongue, God said, you going to have to drop what you’ve been holding onto to get the key to unlock the field that you’re going to. This woman led the entire region to the Lord. Now, father, we say right now, we receive you on our path ahead. Tell him. We get rid of our prejudices. And Lord, we listen carefully to our future, not our past this week. And then, Lord, we say we going to let go of whatever pot we’ve been hanging on to, so we can move forward into the new field I had. Let’s give a shout.

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