A Fire is Coming to Heal Trauma in the Land

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Joshua McLeod, Keevy Phillips, Mary Glazier, Tom Schlueter
Date Given: September 28, 2019

Joshua McLeod – The Lord says that there’s a fire in you that is ready to burn, but you’re too afraid to express it. So you were like afraid about people around you. And you were afraid that what people will think about you. But you’re too afraid to express your fire that’s inside of you. But the Lord says, I called you to express your fire. Don’t think what people think of you, to express your fire. Lord, burn us inside. Lord, burn us inside. Lord, we express your fire, we express your fire.

Keevy Phillips – Lord says, even now I’m healing the city of New Orleans for the voodoo that has cursed that city. The Lord says even now, I will begin to move in that city. Dancing of my spirit and not the other spirit will break out in the street. Lord we send this to the french quarter right now in the name of Jesus. We send it to the wards of the city in the name of Jesus for the Lord says even now there’s coming a mayor to the city of New Orleans, and he will legislate dancing in the street, there will be a day devoted to dancing. And this Mayor will come and he will legislate dancing in the street. And there will be a sign onto my nation. The nations that are in America will begin to praise the name of the Lord. New Orleans your time has come says the spirit of the Lord!

Chuck Pierce – And the Lord says I’m reversing the rivers this year. What has flowed out, you watch what I bring up. I say I’m bringing in, you watch for there are cargo loads coming in and not only will I heal what’s been broken, but I say to you, I will cause the saints to rejoice this year.

Mary Glazier – For you have heard the voice of the Lord, creating the universe. You have heard the voice of the Lord guiding his people out of the wilderness. You have heard the voice of the Lord sending His salvation of His son, but this is the decade when you will begin to hear the voice of the Ancient of Days who will totally annihilate the enemy who was coming against you and the one who’s trying to retake territory will be totally removed. You will open your voice and let the voice of the Ancient One reach out through you for none can resist that voice.

Tom Schlueter – The Lord is saying you heard it spoken over New Orleans. Now speak it over your city for I am sending a fire into the cities of the earth. I am causing that which is weird to become peculiar for me says the Lord. I am seeing right now the shackles coming off of Austin, Texas, off of Houston, off of Dallas, off of all of those cities that have said we will worship what we wanna worship. And the Lord says no more, today your shackles are removed. My fire is spreading through you, and you will now worship my way, my expression will be made known.

Chuck Pierce – And this is what I see, when Keevy started prophesying that you could hear it. The Lord says you go to the places of trauma and you dance and you worship Me and you allow My sound to come down in this year where Heaven is resounding and if you’ll do that, I ‘ll replace trauma with a new glory sayeth the Lord.

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