A Great Awakening Is Coming to the Middle East

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Daniel Pierce
Date Given: January 7, 2024

Daniel Pierce – Isaiah asked the Lord, “For how long, Lord?” And the answer was, “Until the end of time.” There’s a prophecy in the Earth and there’s a word in the Earth that we hang onto because it’s eternal and never comes to an end. We continue to intercede for because it’s a eternal and I just share the words “Great awakening” over Israel and over Gaza and over all the people of that region. I was reading an article the other day where a Palestinian pastor who has formerly worked for Fatah. He was a terrorist, had come to the Lord and currently lives in the West and he said that he saw that there was gonna be a great awakening in Gaza after this thing’s over. So I just wanted to decree that Lord, we just come before you right now. We say that there’s gonna be a great awakening. The word, “Great awakening” has been spoken into the atmosphere, Father, over Gaza, over the people of Gaza, over Israel, Father. Over all of that reason, Lord. There’s an anointing and there’s an open heaven right now and there’s an opportunity, Lord, for a great awakening. And we just say that in your holy name, in Jesus’ name.

Chuck Pierce – Big anointing on that. Big anointing. And please understand, the enemy uses people. And when the enemy, which we fight, not with flesh and blood, but with powers and dominions and principalities. But when the enemy gets embedded in a people, God says, “I have to do something with this,” or else that people will destroy the covenant plan that God has in the earth. Father, we thank you that your covenant is reigning.

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