A Loud Month of Rearranging and Straightening

Voices: Chuck Pierce
Date Given: June 26, 2022

Chuck Pierce – And I say to you, I am straightening out some things that have grown crooked. And I am causing things to be rearranged. I need certain things rearranged for Me to use the supply that they have blocked from flowing. I say to you, this will be a month of rearranging and straightening out things that got tangled in other seasons. I say to you, as you get louder I will create a straighter path. So I say to you this will be a loud month and will cause Me to make your way straight. And I say, don’t shy back from the noise that comes your way for I have a sound in you that cuts through noise, sayeth the Lord. I say, don’t back up. I say, press into the confused noise for that confused noise is what’s stopping things from coming in place on your behalf. Press in, sound the sound from the instrument I have put within you and your way will accelerate. And don’t think you’ve won any war yet. For I say, what you’ve done is expose the battle ahead. I say, now it is how I rise up in you that will make the way straight, sayeth the Lord.

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