A Mantle of Contentment

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Robyn Vincent, Suzanne Harrington
Date Given: November 20, 2022

Suzanne Harrington – One of the greatest things that the Lord has been doing for me for quite a while is trying to teach me how to be, instead of how to do. I was, just one of my gifts is producer. And so you’re just pedal to the metal all the time. You are the one that’s making that happen. Nobody else. And I just wanna tell you that the Lord has such suddenlies to bring each one of you suddenlies things that you don’t even understand. I was sitting in my prayer chair minding my own business, I thought. And all of a sudden this mantle came down over me. I’ve never had that happen before. And it was contentment. Let me tell you, I have never had contentment in my entire life.

Chuck Pierce – That is so good.

Suzanne Harrington – Because I was producing and producing and producing and producing and meeting every need and fixing everything. And the Lord said, “I’m bringing you contentment.” Now my mother-in-law was the most contented person I’d ever seen. I didn’t understand her at all. I thought, “What is this? I don’t get it.” Through the years, through the being the ecclesia and knowing our authority in Christ, my feet and your feet are shod in the preparation of the Gospel of peace. That means, that means all the yuck that’s out there, we are walking over it, on top of it in peace, having a peace that passes all understanding. When everything is shaken all around you, I’m telling you, it’s yours. It is yours. Take it. And now, now this contentment that says, “Honey, you’re contented even with your faults. Even with the shortcomings.” I’m telling you, it is such a God thing. It is such a blessing. And I said, “Other than peace, other than my salvation, this is the greatest gift you have ever given me.” And so I speak to you and I say, “He’s no respecter of persons, no respecter. He loves you. And I’m calling forth. And He is saying, “This week I am gonna show you some things that you have known not of. I’m gonna continue to mantle you with a new beginning. And I shall be the wind under your wings and you are taking off, in Jesus name.”

Chuck Pierce – Wow. Wow, wow.

Robyn Vincent – Chuck, I just wanna demonstrate what she’s saying. I feel the Lord on this. The Lord is saying, “Be seated. Be seated in Christ Jesus.” Be seated in Christ Jesus.

Chuck Pierce – Now let Him seat you.

Robyn Vincent – Yes, the Lord is saying, “I want you to posture yourself differently. I’m gonna send you out differently this season so that they can see the expression.” That is what she’s saying right now. God is wanting to express Himself. And it’s not about the doing, it’s about the being. I heard a Hollywood actor who is like at the top of the game right now because she told her testimony and she said, “It was because a Christian was being. Wasn’t talking to me and trying to evangelize to me. They weren’t trying to do anything that would cause me to gain some sort of attention with Christendom.” She said, “But because they were peace, because they were joy, because they were love, when I needed peace, when I needed joy, when I needed love they weren’t trying to evangelize me. They were not trying to change my mind about something.”

She said, “But because their expression changed everything in my atmosphere,” she said, “it made me say, ‘Lord, if this is you, Lord, I will seek you.'” And when she did that, when she did that, she said, “The Lord said to her, Matthew 6:33, ‘Come after me and see what that means.'” And when she did that, she is now number one, blockbuster actress. She is an actress that, I’m telling you, she’s at the top of her game. Why? Because she knew there was something greater. She knew there was something more. But I’m telling you, it’s not in your words, and it’s not in the deeds of doing. Your doing is gonna have to come out of your expression this season. That is gonna, that’s how they’re going to know it is Him. That’s how they’re gonna know it is Him. So God, I pray right now in the name of Jesus that everything that You would cause us to express, every act that You have called us to actually do, will come out of our being. Because we are love. Because we are light. Because we are hope. God, we will be that what You’ve called us to be. And Lord, everything else will be done unto Your glory. In Jesus name.

Chuck Pierce – Wow.

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