A Mighty Company of Healers Is Coming Forth

Voices: Barbara Wentroble
Date Given: June 7, 2020

Barbara Wentroble – As we were worshiping, I just so sensed the Spirit of the Lord was saying, I’m in the process of releasing an entire company of healers in the Earth. The Lord said that in the way that, there were those who were discouraged and disheartened and in debt, and they went into that cave with David so long ago. But in that hidden place in that sheltered place hear me on this, in that sheltered place, a transformation was taking place, and they did not come out of that cave the way they went in. God says you’re not coming out of that sheltered place the way you went in, for I say I’m bringing forth a company of healers in the earth.

And God said out of every tribe, nation, tongue I say there is a company of healers that will come forth, and that that could not be healed in past days, God says you are not in the past days, I say you have stepped into a moment in history, where the healing power of the Lord, will be released through you, I say in the same way, that those that came out of that sheltered place, were called mighty men, I say there’s a mighty men, there’s a mighty company of healers coming forth, watch and see, this that I am doing for the Lord said I’m going to take that, that seemed impossible, I’m going to take that, that seemed destructive and I say I’m turning it around says the spirit of the Lord. I say, systems will not turn it around, but I say My healers, will be loosed in the earth and I say, they will release the healing power of the Lord. I say, I am looking for a company of people, who will volunteer freely, in the day of My power, who will volunteer freely, to be my healers in the earth. I say come out of the hidden place, come out, release that that I have put within you.

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