A Month of Triple Grace

Voices: Darren Petersen, Janice Swinney, Linda Heidler
Date Given: November 7, 2021

Janice Swinney – This morning, when I came in, and I was asking the Lord what to give this morning. He had me write out a check and at the bottom of the check, He said, “Triple grace for Kislev.” The Lord is telling us this morning in all that we’ve been singing and all the testimony that this month, if you will step into the belief in your heart, that the grace of God is there for you to hit the mark in every single movement that you make this month. I thank you Lord, for release of grace over Your kingdom people this month, that will cause them to step into the victorious places You have called them to.

Linda Heidler- I wanna speak into that issue of condemnation and getting rid of condemnation. This last week, I was reading a book and it was about what happened on the cross. What actually was transpiring on the cross. And something struck me. Jesus was taking the sin of the world on Himself, on the cross. And the Lord said, “Look at those around the foot of the cross.” He said, “Do you hear those that are mocking Him? He’s taking their sin at that moment. As they are mocking Him on the cross, He’s taking their sin on Himself. Do you see hear those religious leaders criticizing Him? He’s taking their sin. Do you see those Roman soldiers bargaining for His clothes? The ones who just tortured and killed Him? He is taking their sin at that moment on Himself. His body is suffering the pain of their sin.

If He was ever going to condemn anybody, it would have been right then, right there. He would have been totally justified in releasing condemnation on those who crucified Him, who mocked Him, who didn’t believe Him. He didn’t. He didn’t. If He didn’t condemn them, He is not going to condemn anybody. He will never condemn anybody for their sin.” He said, instead, “The reason I’m doing this is ’cause I love you so much that I don’t want you to have to bear the cost of your sin. I don’t want you to have to pay the price for your sin. That’s why I’m doing this, not so I have reason to condemn you, but because I love you.” Lord, today, we lay the ax to the root of that spirit of condemnation! And we declare there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus! And we will instead receive the blessing. We’ll receive the grace. We receive that wonderful gift of forgiveness because of what You did for us, but we will not take any voice of condemnation on ourselves again.

Darren Peterson – So, the last puzzle piece in that, there’s no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. At the same time, I feel like throughout the week, the Lord’s been impressing this on me. Some of us, and this is, I think I’m going to say this as a word from the Lord to you. You think that you can’t do it God’s way, you think that you can’t obey Him and walk in His way because you have to protect yourself. If you try it His way, it’s not gonna work and you’re gonna get hurt again. You’re gonna experience destruction in your life. But the fact is, if you will release that to the Lord and walk in His way, He has gifts for you that you do not know. And you will experience these things as you walk it through with Him and let Him protect you.

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