A New Anointing to Hear

Voices: Brian Kooiman
Date Given: February 13, 2022

Brian Kooiman – As Robert was sharing and he’s reiterated we all hear lots of voices, there’s many voices of unbelief, condemnation, judgment of opinions and when Robert shared he said, “What voice have you heard” Rahab heard lots of voices, and yet through all that she heard she chose to hear differently than everyone else. Before we leave today, I want us all to lay our hands on our physical ears as representation of our spiritual ears. Lord, we ask that you would guard over our ears today, not only that there would be a filter against sounds, voices, opinions, judgements, words that don’t need to be heard, but Lord, we also ask through the power and anointing of your holy spirit, that you would help us to hear the truth that you’re speaking to us, that you’d help us to identify what others might not be seeing, or perceiving, or what is meant individually for us to hear and that we have a choice on what we hear, we have a choice on what we believe. Lord, we ask for your blessing of hearing on each one here, each one joining us by webcast that our ears would be attuned like Rahab to make choices that change the destiny of our lives and of history.

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