A New Cleaning and Filling Is Coming to Portugal

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Keevy Phillips, Melinda Richardson, Tammie Goss
Date Given: January 29, 2023

Melinda Richardson – Speaking in Tongues

Melinda Richardson – And the Lord says to you, Portugal, you were on exploration around the world many, many years ago. The Lord says, now I am coming to habitat amongst you with My spirit. I will visit you in ways that Catholicism has tried to lock and blind your eyes. But I am moving by fire. Jesus is your consuming fire. And I will begin to burn you up from the inside out. I will begin to turn you upside down and over. You are a hospitable nation. You are a communicable nation. But now I’m calling you and causing you to come up out of the shrouds of darkness that has tried to blind and veil you into the marvelous light of the portion and place that I have for you. So get your boots ready, get your boats ready, get everything else ready now to be visited by those who are coming in with a basket, a harvest basket but also who will begin to unearth, release and move in a way that you’ve not seen. And I say to the younger generation you are allowing certain things in that gate that I’ve not called for. So I am now coming to visit you in your night season whereby you’ll be able to discern and not think of yourself as a lower nation but as the glory carriers that I’ve called you to be. Fire is your portion. Fire is your inheritance. Exploration of treasures in dark places now will be exposed to you. So welcome those who are coming in. But know I have a different agenda, says the spirit of the Lord, for eyes have not seen and ears have not heard nor has it entered to the heart of Portugal. Those things that I have prepared for you. So get ready, be ready, stay ready. Unearthen in is your portion.

Chuck Pierce – Extend your hands to her. In that tongue you gave the Lord said, I’m sending you in like a room rumba. You’re gonna go low and you’re going to sweep up and clean up some things that couldn’t even be seen in last season. And then the Lord says, once it’s clean, I’m going to fill it up in a new way. So the Lord says, go in, stay low, sweep up and then fill the house.

Keevy Phillips – And Melinda, the Lord says to you to stay stubborn, says the Lord. And the Lord says, that Portugal has been passive in seasons gone by. But the Lord is saying, I am awakening that mad dog spirit that I have called in you to release in Portugal. Stay stubborn, stay persistent and tell hell to back the hell off. In Jesus’ name.

Tammie Goss – I have a word for Portugal. I heard the Lord say the remnant in Portugal has had a false boundary. They’ve said that their coast is the boundary of that land. And the Lord says, I’m opening up the seas outside of Portugal, for there is treasures that are found in the deep of Portugal. And My people will begin to unlock that, bring it to the surface and release it into the body. So Father, we decree that- we decree the blueprint of heaven is coming to the remnant and the five fold in Portugal that can unlock that land and release the harvest.

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