A New Covenant for America

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Joseph RiverWind, Laralyn RiverWind
Date Given: March 10, 2024

Chief Joseph RiverWind – Good morning, everyone. My name’s Chief Joseph RiverWind of the Arawak-Taino people. It’s an honor and blessing to be here. And when we got the message about, “Hey, can you get this treaty signed?” we were actually on the way to Israel for the founding of the Indigenous Embassy Jerusalem. It’s a dream that we’ve had for several years and also a foundation that was built by elders that are here in this congregation today back in the ’90s. And this was fulfilled. It happened. And when we got this treaty, let me tell you, the warfare. Getting to Israel was unlike anything we’ve ever gone through. And then even leaving Israel was unlike anything we’ve ever gone through, but we knew that something powerful was taking place, not just because it’s the 100th embassy in the state of Israel, but the Indigenous Embassy is the fifth in Jerusalem. Hold on.

Chuck Pierce – It’s the fifth embassy to shift to Jerusalem, and it’s the first Indigenous Embassy to ever be in Jerusalem.

Dr. Laralyn RiverWind – When he says warfare, when was the last time that you had an engine go out on your plane and mechanical failures twice on one flight?

Chuck Pierce – That’s warfare.

Chief Joseph RiverWind – The depth of this covenant treaty, I can’t even wrap my mind around what this is gonna do for your people. But this is the first treaty that has been signed during the war and the first treaty-

Chuck Pierce – Since the war began in Israel.

Chief Joseph RiverWind – So first fruits, the Chickasaw are the first to make a treaty with the state of Israel. And this is the first treaty that was signed at the Indigenous Embassy in Jerusalem. So, this is the one I wanna present to you, brother. It’s one of the originals signed. And when they say, “Can you get it signed by someone from the government?”

– [Chuck Pierce] It’s the original signed document from the government of Israel back to the Chickasaw people.

Chief Joseph RiverWind – Yes. And the signer of the document, the government representative, is not only the assistant to the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He’s also an Israeli Jewish believer in Yeshua. Hananya Naftali is his name, and would you…

Dr. Laralyn RiverWind – Hello, my name is Dr. Laralyn RiverWind. My native name is She Walks with Creator Yohewa As One. And I just wanna say a word to the Chickasaw people, a word of honor, first of all, for doing this because to align yourselves with Israel is not only blessing, but it’s persecution. And it is a brave thing and an honorable thing that your people are doing. But also a word of caution, on your watch, don’t let this get broken.

Chuck Pierce – Watch.

Dr. Laralyn RiverWind – You make sure that you’re voting in councilmen chiefs, vice chiefs, who will stand with Israel. Make sure you’re fasting and praying to keep that wall because this covenant is life and death to your people, and may it always be life.

Chief Joseph RiverWind – May this covenant open the doors of abundant blessings over the Chickasaw. May it set the captives of your people free, and as I was praying, I was hearing the Lord saying, and we were talking about your language, and the Lord said, “every tribe, every nation, every language.” You only have 25 fluent speakers. I speak that that is gonna multiply, that the Lord will be praised in the language of your people, that the songs will be heard in that great assembly in the heavenlies and that nothing, may nothing, come between your people and the state of Israel in the name of of Yeshua.

Chuck Pierce – Let’s all stand up and point your hands. Randy and Jennifer, come right here. We will also have this covenant in the entryway of Global Spirit Center because we feel like Israel and the First People… See, once you understand the first, you can enter into your destiny completely. And this is an incredible beginning for this nation. Father, we decree what we have seen sanctioned, and signed here and signed in your covenant land and brought back to the First People by the First People and presented back to this covenant land, we decree that a covenant for all of America will now begin. Let’s give shout up into heaven.

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