A New Creative Anointing for Victory

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Robyn Vincent
Date Given: August 8, 2021

Chuck Pierce – The Lord just said some of you are going to have new thoughts. And those thoughts are going to create a victory you thought you could never have.

Robyn Vincent – I just chatted to Elaine and I said, there’s such a strong creative power in this house right now. And this creative power has nothing to do with you. God is saying that it’s the same power that’s in Me that causes all things to be possible. Some of you are waiting on some dead things to rise up, but the Lord says I’m doing a new thing. I’m doing a new thing. And I heard Him specifically say, there are some organs on the inside that need, that people have been waiting on and God said, no, I’m gonna to create a new heart. I’m gonna to create new lungs. I’m gonna create new blood vessels. I’m gonna give you new willpower. I hear the Lord saying there, there’s a creative power in this house today.

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