A New Desire to Ask for the Unexpected

Date Given: July 10, 2022

Chuck Pierce – I just flew back from Florida yesterday. And I was at Christian International and we have got to remember, there is a simple faith. We prophesy according to our faith. If He came to earth today would He find faith working in you? And I think some way in the midst of all the crazy societal wars that are out there right now we’ve lost dimensions of faith. And let me tell you something, you need to not try to get into something so big and that you remember and lose the thought of asking simply for what you want to see God do. Something happened to me on 4th of July. Pam and I had gone to get groceries ’cause we were having some people over on 4th of July and we went on the 3rd of July and she said, I don’t remember ever, you not having a blackberry cobbler on 4th of July. Do you want one? I said, well, you know, based upon what I’ve been going through, probably not this year.

Well, I woke up on the 4th of July, you know, and after you’ve slept on it, you want. I thought how stupid was that for me to say? So we’re out, we’re getting everything ready. It’s 11 o’clock. And I said, honey, I really think I have to have a blueberry cobb, a blackberry cobbler. She said that window is shut for you. We have people coming at noon. That window is shut. God will have to open that up again for you because I ain’t opening it up for you. Well, we had people over, it was wonderful, but you know that afternoon I thought, God, I am craving blackberry cobbler. And I’m not gonna go back through that war with her again, but You’ve gotta do something. That’s what I said. You have got to do something and I’m sitting back on the porch praying and it’s about 3:30, 4 now. And all of a sudden, I go back in my house and I’m sitting there and I get a call and it’s from one of the wonderful dancers from Illuminate. And they said, you know I need to run by your house and see you for a moment. And it was Misty Lohse and she’s not here today so I can share this. She opened.

So I said, Pam, Misty’s running by the see us for a minute. And I thought, you know, you know, on the 4th of July I guess I can do whatever I need to do since I can’t eat blue blackberry cobbler. And so the doorbell rang, I opened the door and she said, we’re having guests over but before we could have them over the Lord told me I had to make this for you two. It was a blackberry cobbler. Now I’m telling you, we’ve forgotten how to expect God to do that unexpected you need to do. You need to stir it up again in you and ask Him. Quit trying to just, Amber said it on their show with Chad on “Faith and Rising”. Some of you are wanting these big miracles to happen but you’re missing the moment of watching God intervene in your life in new ways. I decree right now you gonna ask a thing, you gonna let the desires of your heart awaken again, those things that seem to be scattered and dead and you’re gonna see God move in a new way. The power and presence of God fell in our house. Now I wanna say something else to you. You better be ready to be an answered prayer for somebody else and quit worrying about you, just getting what you need. But if you’re willing to be an answered prayer for somebody else, you’ll get everything you need.

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