A New Favor Is Coming to Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana

Voices: Amber Pierce, Chad Foxworth, Chuck Pierce, Keevy Phillips, Sheryl Price
Date Given: September 19, 2020

Sheryl Price – So when Chuck was speaking, I saw Joseph’s coat, but it had been woven into a rope and it was coming out of his pockets. And he began to share that rope with each of us. And we grabbed it and we lassoed everything that was ours to bring into our houses, ours to bring into our territories. So I loose that rope, I loose Joesph’s rope and we say “Come in now, everything that is ours “in Jesus name!”

Keevy Phillips – I was on the stage playing and I heard the Lord say He’s releasing Joseph’s coat of many colors. She didn’t have any idea that the Lord had told me that, but the Lord was saying that specifically for Kent Mattox and his team. “There is going to be a great diversity “come to that ministry, and it’s gonna be “start in Alabama because I’m gonna change “the perception of what the South is in this nation,” says the Lord. So there’s gonna become great diversity, great favor, not just for their ministry, but for all of us here. “Receive your coat of favor and blessing “and tap into that multicolored, multi-dimension favor “that you have,” says the Lord.

Chuck Pierce – Keevy, claim Mississippi, now.

Keevy Phillips – Lord, in the name of Jesus as a son of Mississippi as well as Texas, we claim, we reverse the seemingly love of segregation. Mississippi has a love of segregation. There’s not just white against black, it’s black against white, too. They love to be separated, but there is a mixing and God is the spoon. “This hour,” says the Lord. “So in the name of Jesus, we call Mississippi, “the great river, we call the river to stir “in that state,” says the Lord. All the way up from Clarksville, down to Jackson, and to Hattiesburg, and to Natchez and Montgomery County! Lord, we say Mississippi is rising, and poverty is being overturned. “The diversity in the gifts will break poverty in that state,” says the Lord.

Chuck Pierce – Wow. I’m gonna ask Amber to claim Louisiana.

Amber Pierce – So many of our resources, we won’t even know what they are if we can’t hear. If you don’t hear what the spirit of God is saying, a lot of your resources won’t even be uncovered. So I just want to loose right now, a new, fresh, a new, fresh ear to hear what God is saying, to hear the spirit of God. We release that now the name of Jesus and I claim the wealth. The wealth that’s untapped out of the Bayou, out of Louisiana, out of the people, what’s untapped out of the people in Louisiana, Father. We say that they will hear you in a new way, Father. We say, wake up! We say, wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up, and we even call for the angels along the Bayou! There are even angels alive, there are demons on the Bayou and there are angels on the Bayou. And so we say, “wake up” to those angels along the Bayou in the name of Yeshua.

Chad Foxworth – In Louisiana, there is an overturning of the supernatural. Louisiana knows the supernatural. They know the voodoo, they know the witchcraft, but it’s gonna become the place of miracles! The place of signs and wonders! Lift up a shout, say “Louisiana, turn it around!” Louisiana, turn it around!

Chuck Pierce – When, Chad and Amber were up here and I saw New Orleans and I saw how it will become a city of revival. And the sound that comes out of New Orleans is going to jar our nation.

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