A New Generation Is Sobering Up

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Lisa Lyons, Tiffany Smith
Date Given: September 3, 2020

– Chuck Pierce

The Lord told us, bring the war drums in. We have to understand, we are in a conflict that is beyond what we have been in. We wouldn’t be doing the watch from 12 to three without setting out the sound that says, wait a minute, there’s a sound in earth contradicting that which is attempting to rule in earth. Now, hear what I’m about to say to you. There is a new generation that has to understand religious freedom and spiritual freedom the way the Lord presented it throughout the Word of God, not what they have in their mind. This is the real war for the future. We cry out for the double portion anointing! We cry out for the new warriors to rise up! We cry out for layers of the demonic to be addressed, and a new generation to say we will not agree with the enemy’s plan!

Tiffany Smith

The Lord’s been speaking to me out of 1 Peter, where, the scripture that says, “Be sober-minded,” and I see a whole generation beginning to sober up. I heard the Lord say it on Sunday, and I keep having it resonate over and over in me, so I decree that people are gonna begin to sober up. They’re gonna begin to sober up, they’re gonna begin to wake up to the plans and the purposes of God, they’re not gonna stay asleep, they’re not gonna stay in a place of drunkenness and rebellion anymore, but people are gonna begin to stir for the things of God, and I see the light of God beginning to scatter through places where light has not been able to penetrate before, and so we just decree that this move is unstoppable. It is unstoppable that the love of God, the light of God, the standard of the Kingdom of God is unstoppable, in Jesus’ Name.

Lisa Lyons

And this is a generation called to this watch as none other. I heard the Lord say that the enemy has grown very arrogant with your generation, because of passivity and because of apathy. But He says, you have eyes to see into the darkness in a way no other generation has. And because of the enemy’s arrogance, he has been very blatant about his plans, and very blatant about his purposes, but the generation before has not recognized it because they have been afraid to look in the darkness. And God says, you are a generation who is not afraid to move with your eyes open and see into dark places and peer into places where the enemy has saturated. And the Lord says that there you see his strategies, and when you see his strategies, then you receive My strategy to overcome.

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